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Kim Jong-Un facts that you are about to read in this article may sound like a myth but they are not! They are true – as true as the sun and the moon and the air that you breathe.

As one of the most secretive heads of state all over the world, the North Korean supremo is the youngest of the 50 most powerful men on this planet. He is a dictator who manages to make the job of dictatorship look simple.

How he manages to do so is not really known to anyone, but he is definitely a power-hungry crazy man who himself possibly doesn’t know what he is going to do the very next moment. So, without further ado, let us learn 20 interesting King Jong-Un facts that will take you by complete surprise.

Interesting Kim Jong-Un facts: 1-5

1. Kim Jong-Un is the 3rd generation of the dictator of North Korea or the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Democracy and dictatorship don’t go hand in hand, but that’s how it has been in North Korea for 3 generations.

2. Kim Jong-Un became the Supreme Leader of North Korea after his dad Kim Jong-Il (Dear Leader) passed away unexpectedly in 2011. His father Kim Jong-Il and his grandfather Kim Il-Sung (Eternal President) were both dictators.

3. The Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un is the only top-ranked military official in this whole world who has absolutely no previous military experience or even training.

He still controls the world’s 4th largest armed forces, which is known to have 1.1 million active military personnel. He became Daejang in the army in the year 2010. Daejang in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the same as General in the United States.

4. The only thing that is ‘military’ about the Supreme Leader is that he goes nuts over nuclear weapons. He absolutely loves them. Despite his lack of military experience, Kim Jong-Un managed to become the head of the state using his intelligence and talent.

5. He always wanted to look like Eternal President, i.e. his grandfather, and hence, in an attempt to do so, he underwent plastic surgery, according to Daily Mail.

Interesting Kim Jong-Un Facts: 6-10

6. The Supreme Leader ensured that the entire nation mourned the death of his father whole-heartedly. How do you expect people to do so? Put them under the threat of being killed by mortar!

That’s precisely what he did to Kim Chol – deputy defense minister of North Korea. Kim Chol’s crime was that he got drunk during the mourning period and did not sufficiently grieve. He was shot by mortars.

7. China declared Kim Jong-Un as the sexiest man alive in 2012. You don’t believe it? Well, the Chinese media actually picked up an article by newspaper named The Onion where the Supreme Leader was named as the sexiest man alive!

8. Of all world leaders, Kim Jong-Un is the youngest. However, no one knows what his actual age is. Some say it is 31, some say 32 and some say 33. Well, you can decide which year you will pick as his birth years – 1982, 1983, or 1984. [You can add 5 more years because it is 2021 now and the article was written in 2016]

9. In 2012 he was not only named as the sexist man alive on this planet, but he also enjoyed something else! A hillside was carved with a 1,800-foot carving which read, “Long Live General, The Shining Sun”!

10. Kim Jong-Un suddenly became empathetic and decided to allow women to wear platform shoes, pants, and earrings. Not just that, he even lifted the ban on pizza, French fries, and hamburgers. The idea for such radical changes was to create Children’s Heaven Nation and Feminists’ Paradise. Doesn’t that sound creepy?

Interesting Kim Jong-Un Facts: 11-15

11. He had his uncle Jang Song Thaek killed by a firing squad. Jang Song Thaek was the second most powerful man in North Korea during the rule of Dear Leader. In 2012 a military tribunal found Thaek guilty of crimes like dreaming alternative dreams, illegal dining, and adultery. His uncle accepted all the crimes and was then executed.

12. The Supreme Leader himself curated the all-female pop group named Moranbong Band. The singers always wear short skirts and mostly their attire is some kind of military-inspired outfit. The band sings songs like ‘We Think of the Marshal Day and Night’ and ‘O My Motherland Full of Hope’.

13. The Supreme Leader attended Liebefeld-Steinholz – a school in Switzerland using the alias Pak Un. He was admitted to the school as the son of an employee of the North Korean embassy in Switzerland.

14. There in Liebefeld-Steinholz he turned out to be excellent in music, but was terrible with science and math – in both of which he failed.

15. While in Switzerland however, Kim Jong-Un fell in love with Emmental. Can you guess what it is? Well, it is a type of Swiss Cheese. Every year the North Korean government spends literally thousands and thousands of pounds just for importing Emmental so that the Supreme Leader can fulfill his cravings. Sadly, most of the North Korean population is suffering from malnutrition.

Interesting Kim Jong-Un Facts: 16-20

16. The hairstyle of the North Korean supremo is super popular. The hairstyle goes by the name ‘ambition’ or ‘youth’ and many young men in the country actually opt for the hairstyle. However, his hairstyle is his own creation because he is afraid of barbers and cuts his own hair.

17. Apart from his amazing love for Emmental and everything that is North Korean, Kim Jong-Un also has undulating love for Nike Trainer – an American brand. This totally goes against the anti-American philosophy of his father and his grandfather. It is actually reported that when he attended the Liebefeld-Steinholz school in Switzerland, he had a massive collection of Nike Trainers hidden in his room.

18. The Supreme Leader is obsessed with basketball – an American game. Not just that, his favorite player was Michael Jordan – the superstar of Chicago Bulls when Kim was in school. One of his school mates reported that he made meticulous pencil sketches of Michael Jordan.

19. Kim Jong-Un’s best friend is? Guess, guess! Well, let us help. His best friend is Dennis Rodman – a live NBA star. It is reported that Rodman flew to North Korea in 2013 and 2014 to meet Kim Jong-Un and even carried luxury gifts worth millions of dollars for which, US Treasury Department investigated Rodman.

20. Kim Jong-Un is a fan of Johnnie Walker whiskey. His former chef revealed that the Supreme Leader imports Jonny Walker from Scotland at the cost of tens of thousands of pounds. He also likes Yves Saint Laurent Cigarette. He uses a tipple and a puff or two every night for relaxing.

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