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20 Interesting Horse Facts

Horses are amazing animals. They have been with humans for thousands of years. As far as history can be traced, horses have been around since 4000 BCE. They are noble creatures and faithful to their human friends. In this article on horse facts, we will learn some truly bizarre and interesting facts about horses. We bet you didn’t know many of these horse facts.

Interesting Horse Facts: 1-10

1. Of all land mammals, horse are known to have the largest eyes. — Source

2. Within hours after they are born, horses are capable of running. — Source

3. Horses sometimes appear to be laughing. Actually they are not. They are rather engaging themselves in a technique known as flehmen. This is a nose enhancing technique that they use for determining whether a smell is a good one or a bad one. — Source

4. Horses are not color blind as thought previously. They can see colors. The only problem is that they see greens and yellows better than violets and purples. — Source

5. The teeth of a horse take up more space in its head compared to its brain. — Source

6. A female horse has 36 teeth and a male horse has 40 teeth. That’s one way of differentiating between a male horse and a female horse. Better, check their reproductive organs – it is easier! — Source

7. The hooves of a horse are made up of keratin – a protein that makes up human nails and hair. — Source

8. Horses are capable of sleeping either standing up or lying down. — Source

9. Horses are capable of seeing almost 360 degrees at any given time. That’s because their eyes are located on the sides of their heads. — Source

10. Horses are capable of communicating feelings using facial expressions. — Source

Interesting Horse Facts: 11-20

11. Horses are also capable of expressing mood through eyes, ears and nostrils.

12. All horses will not lie down at once. At least one in the team (a group of horses is known as ‘team’) will stay awake. The one that stays awake will keep an eye on the surroundings. In case of any danger, the horse will alert its companions. — Source

13. Vocalizations in horses is important. They use a wide range of sounds. For instance, snorts are meant for alerting team of dangers. — Source

14. Neighing and whinnying are sounds made while leaving or meeting each other.

15. Mating calls in form of loud roars are made only by stallions.

16. One of most interesting horse facts is that its brain is just half the weight of human brain. The horse brain weighs 22 oz. — Source

17. Yet another really interesting horse facts is that a horse is incapable of vomiting. — Source

18. Horses have better night vision compared to humans. Weirdly however, a horse takes longer to adjust from light to dark and from dark to light as opposed to humans. — Source

19. In a single day, a horse produces nearly 10 gallons of saliva. Really? Damn! — Source

20. The average weight of a horse’s heart is anywhere between 9 and 10 pounds. — Source