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20 Interesting Chocolate Facts Everyone Should Know

Chocolates! Aren’t they delicious? You will rarely come across a person who is allergic to chocolates but yes, such people exists. This sounds a bit weird but it is true. Anyway, we are not interesting talking about them because this article in particular is for chocolate fans. So, if you are in love with chocolates, here are 20 cool, delicious and interesting chocolate facts you should know.

Interesting Chocolate Facts: 1-5

1. Chocolate helps to relax. How and why? For the ‘how’ part, you don’t even have to eat it. All you have to do is smell. For the ‘why’ part, it happens because smell of a chocolate helps to increase the theta waves in brain, which help to relax. – Source

2. The white chocolate that we eat isn’t really a chocolate. Why so? That’s because a white chocolate has no cocoa liquor or cocoa solids. – Source

3. To make a 450 grams of chocolate (that is 1 pound), you will need 400 cocoa beans. – Source

4. In 1941, M&M’s were created for the first time. The reason for such invention was to allow soldiers to enjoy chocolate without getting melt. – Source

5. 100 pounds of chocolate are eaten every second collectively by all Americans! – Source

Interesting Chocolate Facts: 6-10

6. Ruth Wakefield was the person who invented the chocolate chip cookie. However, she sold the recipe to Nestle. In return, she asked Nestle to provide a steady supply of chocolate to her for her entire lifetime. – Source

7. Milton Hershey – the chocolate magnate was supposed to board Titanic. However, he had to cancel his reservation because some last minute business matters showed up. – Source

8. 12,770 pound or 5,792 kilograms was the weight of the largest chocolate bar ever made in this world. – Source

9. You can actually cut the risk of developing heart diseases by 1/3rd if you happen to eat dark chocolate on a daily basis. – Source

10. You like potato chips and milk chocolate? You can have both at once because Lay’s has come up with potato chips that are dipped in milk chocolate. It goes by the name Lay’s Wavy. – Source

Interesting Chocolate Facts: 11-15

11. Chocolates are not good for dogs. Chocolates contain Theobromine – compound which is known to be poisonous for dogs. Keep chocolates away from your Fido. They can either seriously sicken him or even take his life! – Source

12. Stamps with chocolate flavor. That really sounds out of this world but yes, they exist. Belgium, in 2013, issued a limited edition of such stamps. – Source

13. Believe it or not, chocolate is not the cause of tooth decay. Chocolates actually prevent that from happening because cocoa has something in it that has anti-bacterial properties and prevents tooth decay. It can also help to fight plaque. – Source

14. Chocolates can be deadly for humans too! Thanks to Theobromine (see #11), which stimulates central nervous system. In high concentrations it can lead to dehydration, acute kidney damage, seizures and even heart failure. For this to happen however, you need to eat 22 lbs. of chocolate. That translates into 40 bars of Hershey’s or Dairy Milk. – Source

15. Do you hate insects? Almost everyone does but here is something that might just kill your love for chocolates. On an average, a single chocolate bar will have 8 insect parts! Happy eating! – Source

Interesting Chocolate Facts: 16-20

16. Can’t stand the smell of your own farts? Well, imagine what others feel! Anyway, now you can actually make your fart smell like chocolate. Thanks to a pill! Yes, such a pill exists! It has been invented by a French man! – Source

17. Unlike dogs, cats don’t have any problem with chocolates. Neither will they fall sick and nor will they die of eating chocolates. So, share with your purry-friend! – Source

18. Do you really think German Chocolate Cake came from Germany? Think again! It was made by an American baker whose name was Sam German. – Source

19. World War 2 didn’t just see invention of weapons. It also led to the invention of Nutella. An Italian pastry make gets the credit for his. He wanted to increase his cocoa supply and ended up mixing hazelnut with chocolates. The result was Nutella. – Source

20. Why do chocolates melt in your mouth? That’s because their melting point is about 93 degrees Fahrenheit. This is below the body temperature of humans. In fact, it is the only food item which has such low melting point. – Source