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20 Interesting Cat Facts – Part IV

We are back again with another instalment of cat facts and this is the last part. We promise to make this last part as fun and interesting as possible. However, there will be a few dull ones here and there. So, let’s brush up our cat trivia for one final time. You ready? Here is our final list of 20 interesting cat facts:

Interesting Cat Facts: 1-10

1. Cats can survive on sea water. This is because their kidneys are designed to filter out salt and use the water content! What about our kidneys? Don’t even think! They will just fail.

2. Towser is the most famous cat in Scotland. Scots have actually built a commemorative tower for this cat! Why? Because Towser caught and killed 30,000 mice in its lifetime. That’s quite an achievement!

3. The ridged pattern on a cat’s nose is unique. No two cats will have same pattern. It is very much like fingerprints in humans.

4. Cats don’t have any collarbone but they have 230 bones in total compared to 206 in humans. Absence of collarbones allow cats to pass through any opening that is big enough to fit in their heads!

5. Cats can survive temperatures as high as 133°F or 56.1°C. All they will need is ample amount of water.

6. Cats have sweat glands only in their paws and thus, that’s the only place in their whole body that they sweat from.

7. Cats’ hearts beat at a speed of 110-140 beats per minute. That is almost twice that of humans.

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8. A cat named Kitty gave birth to two kittens when she was 30 years old. In total she mothered 218 kittens in her lifetime. However, she wasn’t the one who gave birth to largest numbers of kittens. This record is held by another cat named Dusty. She mothered 420 kittens.

9. Earlier we learned that cats spend 2/3rd of their lives sleeping. Of the rest 1/3rd that they spend awake, they spend 1/3rd of their wake time cleaning themselves.

10. Researchers say that owning a cat can actually reduce the risk of strokes and heart attack by 1/3rd.

Interesting Cat Facts: 11-20

11. Japan and Korea – both countries have Cat Café. This is a place where you can actually enjoy coffee while hanging out with cats!

12. Tinker Toy is world’s smallest cat and it is just 7 cm or 2.5 inches tall!

13. Be careful while cleaning the litter box of a cat! In case the cat is infected, you run into a risk of contracting toxoplasmosis – a parasitic infection. If you are pregnant, you need to be even more careful because your baby might be affected and born with conditions like mental retardation, seizures and cerebral palsy.

14. In most of the US states, it is legal to declaw a cat but it is completely illegal in 22 countries (at least). This includes Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Finland and Germany.

15. Cats are capable of dreaming and they are known to produce the same brain waves as humans do when they dream.

16. Cats are not very tolerant to chocolates. They can get sick or even die by consuming these yummy treats. Unfortunately chocolates are yummy for humans and dogs but not for cats because cats can’t taste sweetness.

17. Cats are unable to see directly under their nose. This is why they can’t find food that’s kept directly under their nose!

18. There are cats that glow in dark. These glow-in-dark cats are not natural but artificially produced by inserting a specific type of protein taken from jellyfish. This protein codes bioluminescence in jellyfish and did the same in cat genome.

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19. In 1960s, American intelligence service, CIA tried training spy cats at a cost of $20 million. The aim was to spy on the Soviets. Ironically, the first spy cat was killed – guess how? It was hit by a taxi!

20. Ben Rea – a millionaire left 15 million British pounds for his cat named Blackie, thus making the feline the richest cat in history of Catkind and yes, mankind too!

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