20 Interesting Billy Goat Curse Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
bill goat curse facts

There is no shortage of curses in the very world we live in. The Billy Goat curse is just one of them and like all other curses that we have wrote about before, this curse too gives that eerie feeling because of line of events that followed after the curse was spelled out.

So, let us not waste any further time and take a look into the whole story. Let us remind you that we are not here to validate or refute the authenticity of any curse. We leave that job to you. You are welcome to express your ideas through the comments section once you go through this list of 20 interesting Billy Goat curse facts. Are you ready?

Interesting Billy Goat Curse Facts: 1-5

1. Unlike all other curses that we have discussed earlier, the Billy Goat curse is not really associated with life and death. It is actually a sport-related curse that doomed an entire team.

2. The Billy Goat curse or the curse of Billy Goat was spelled out on the famed baseball team – the Chicago Cubs in the year 1945.

3. One great fan of Chicago Cubs by the name Billy Sianis went to see the 1945 match between Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Billy Goat Facts

4. Sainis, who owned the Billy Goat Tavern did not go alone to watch the match. He went there with his pet goat but unfortunately, the odor of the goat was not really acceptable to the other fans who were there to enjoy the match.

5. As a result of the goat’s odor, Billy Sianis was asked to leave along with his got and this infuriated Sianis. The result was that he immediately cursed Chicago Cubs stating “Them Cubs, they ain’tgonna win no more”.

Interesting Billy Goat Curse Facts: 6-10

6. There are various versions of the curse’s interpretation. Some people say that Sianis actually said that no other World Series games will ever be played at the Wrigley Field.

7. Some other choose to believe that the curse was cast on the Chicago Cubs that they will never appear in any World Series game and that no venue was specifically mentioned.

8. The family of Sianis however says that Sianis actually sent a telegram to Philip K Wrigley – the then owner of the team and that the telegram read: “You are going to lose this World Series and you are never going to win another World Series again. You are never going to win a World Series again because you insulted my goat.” There is however no proof that Sianis actually sent a telegram.

9. There is absolutely no way to validate the truth of what had been told and in what sense but one thing that has managed to freak out people is that the curse appeared to be true and effective. In 1945, Chicago Cubs lost the World Series despite having a lead during the initial stages.

billy goat curse facts

10. For the next 20 years that followed, i.e. for the time during which Sianis was alive, the Cubs developed a pattern of finishing either at 5th position or lower during each season and the whole team earned the title ‘The Loveable Losers’. Winning a World Series became more like a far-fetched dream. The last time the Cubs won a World Series was in 1908.

Interesting Billy Goat Curse Facts: 11-15

11. In 1969, Billy Sianis (1 year before his death), felt very satisfied and eventually said that the curse was lifted. While the Cubs started good with a commanding 1st place lead till mid-August. However, in a tragic turn of event, Miracle Mets managed to defeat the Chicago Cubs and took the first place and even knocked the Cubs out of contention.

12. Unfortunately, this too became a pattern for several years. The Cubs would start well, take the first place and eventually get knocked out of contention. Eventually, in 1973, a whole-hearted attempt was made to lift the curse.

13. In 1973, Sam Sianis – nephew of Billy Sianis – attempted to lift the curse. With help of Dave Condon – Tribune columnist, Sam took his goat to Wrigley. The goat was taken there in a white limousine and was walked through a red carpet but only to be stopped at the entrance by the ushers and bam! The Cubs were tossed out of their first place that they managed to grab by the mid-season.

14. The goat that Sam brought was named as Socrates which was actually a descendant of the goat that belonged to Billy. Billy’s goat was named Murphy.

15. In 1984, Sam was allowed to walk on the Wrigley Field as an attempt to lift the curse. Sam walked the field with Socrates and raised his cap and declared – ‘The curse is lifted’. The Cubs kept winning and winning and managed to take the first 2 games of the National League Championship series. They were only one win short of entering the World Series. It was expected that Sam and Socrates would be invited to join the team for their next matches but they weren’t. Result? The Cubs lost and failed to make it to the World Series.

Interesting Billy Goat Curse Facts: 16-20

16. Almost the same thing happened in 1989. Sam and his goat were allowed on field and the Cubs kept winning and claimed the second division title in 5 years. In post-season, the goat was left behind and… well you know the fate, don’t you?

17. Then in 1994, the Cubs registered their worst ever home start with 12 consecutive losses. Desperate to end this losing streak, Sam and Socrates were called only to be denied entrance but were eventually allowed in and the Cubs managed to win the game.

18. 1998 started off well with for the Cubs with 89 wins and tied up with San Francisco Giants. The tie-breaker match saw the appearance of Sam and Socrates and the Cubs won but in the post season, the goat was again left behind and the Cubs queued up on the losing end in post-season games.

19. 2003 – luckily the goat was invited to Huston and the Cubs managed to win the first division title in 14 years. In post-season, they registered their first win in almost a century. Then came the National League Series where the Cubs grabbed a 3-0 lead, requiring only one more win to get into the World Series for the first time in last 60 years. Guess what? Socrates was left behind and in that crucial and decisive match, the Cubs once again succumbed to the curse.

20. In 2007, someone hung a butchered goat from Harry Caray statue probably as a stunt to lift the curse but that did not help. The Cubs did win the 2007 and 2008 NL Central division title but were tossed out in post-season games in both years. In 2009 a butchered goat head was hung from the same statue but again the same post-season fate dwindled down upon the Cubs. In 2013, a butchered goat head was delivered to the Cubs but in vain and the Cubs failed to make it to the World Series.

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