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20 Interesting Barack Obama Facts

In our last article on Barack Obama facts, we learned about some interesting facts about him. In this article on interesting Barack Obama facts, we will focus on somewhat serious facts that are worth learning about the President of USA. Maybe you are already aware of these facts but if you are not, here is your chance to learn about the most powerful man in the whole world.

Interesting Barack Obama Facts: 1-5

1. His full name is Barack Hussein Obama II. He is the 44th US President. However, he is the first African American to hold that position. He is also the first US President who is not born in Continental USA.

2. Barack Obama was named as Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 2009 only 9 months after he became the President of America.

3. He visited a Federal prison and he was USA’s first sitting President to have done so.

4. In a period of almost last 100 years, he is USA’s first sitting President to have visited Cuba.

5. Guantanamo Bay detention camp was ordered to be closed by President Obama only a few days after he took charge of the office. Interestingly, the congress prevented the closing of the camp.

Interesting Barack Obama Facts: 6-10

6. The Twitter followers of Obama in 2016 was the highest among any world leader.

7. China has something called OFC. What does that stand for? It stands for Obama Fried Chicken!

8. Obama is a left-handed person. Well, he is not alone. There are several other famous people who are left-handed. Some names will be Da Vinci, Napoleon, Bill Gates, Michelangelo, Einstein, Oprah, Newton and Jimi Hendrix.

9. There is an Islamist militant group is Somalia. The group did something funny in 2012. It declared a bounty of 10 camels for Barack Obama and a bounty of 2 camels for anyone who brings information on Hillary Clinton.

10. Robert F. Kennedy, in 1961 predicted that in coming 40 years, US will have a black president and he was correct except that his prediction was not entirely correct. It took 46 years before Obama became President.

Interesting Barack Obama Facts: 11-15

11. 71 years after Hiroshima bombing, Barack Obama was USA’s first sitting President to visit the place.

12. In his inaugural address, President Obama uttered the words Gay Rights (emphasis on Gay). He was the first US President to do so.

13. He published an academic paper after becoming US President. He was the USA’s first sitting President to have done so.

14. He addresses David Cameron – Prime Minister of the UK as ‘Bro’.

15. As mentioned earlier, President Barack Obama was born outside Continental USA. He was actually born in Honolulu, Hawaii. His date of birth is August 4, 1961 (that’s the same year when Robert F. Kennedy predicted that USA will have a Black President in 40 years).

Interesting Barack Obama Facts: 16-20

16. President Obama’s father was from Kenya. His father’s name was Barack Obama Sr. who was an economist in Kenyan government.

17. President Obama’s mother’s name was Stanley Ann Dunham who was from Kansas, USA.

18. When Barack Obama was just 2 years old, his mother and father got divorced. His mother married another man named Lolo Soetoro. However, Obama didn’t stay with his mother and stepfather. He spent most of his childhood in Hawaii with his maternal grandparents.

19. He studied in Occidental College in Los Angeles. Then he went to Columbia University in New York and finally studied at Harvard Law School.

20. He worked as a teacher as well as civil-rights lawyer before becoming President of USA. He even worked as telemarketer, was into construction field, worked at law firms and even sold island trinkets when he was in Hawaii.

A Surprising Barack Obama Fact: He used cocaine and marijuana as a teenager. Before running for presidency, he promised his wife that he had quit smoking, which was a lie. However, eventually he quit smoking in 2010 because he wanted to be a good father.

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