20 Hilarious and Weird Laws Around the World – Part II

by Sankalan Baidya
Hilarious and Weird Laws Around the World

Had a crappy day? Cheer up! A smile can make you feel a lot better but still, if you are finding it extremely difficult to smile, here is our second and last part of hilarious and weird laws around the world that will definitely make help you!

Weird Laws: 1-10

1. In Great Britain, it is forbidden to die inside the parliament. The reason is simple! Parliament is considered a Royal Palace and anyone dying inside the parliament is entitled for a state funeral, which is quite expensive.

2. In Arizona, no one is allowed to feed pigs with garbage unless and until the person has a proper permit. On top of that, the permit requires annual renewal.

3. In Colorado, weather modification without a permit is illegal. A person needs to have a proper permit to modify weather artificially. Just for your knowledge, weather modification is not only possible but is also a very lucrative business.

4. In Alabama, a person getting drunk in a bar and staying in the premises is illegal.

5. In Oregon, it is Class A misdemeanor to throw a container full of fecal matter or urine from a moving car. It is also illegal to place such a container on the roadside.

6. In Texas atheists are not allowed to run for office. In order to do so, one should acknowledge the “Supreme Being”.

7. In West Virginia, replacing a hunting dog with a ferret is illegal. Anyone caught hunting, catching, killing, injuring or pursuing birds or wild animals with a ferret will have to face a fine of $100 minimum or $500 maximum. He or she may also be jailed for a minimum of 10 days or a maximum of 100 days.

8. In Wyoming, mutilating, detaching, severing, or cutting one-half of an ear of a sheep is a felony punishable by 5 years of imprisonment.

9. In the state of Utah, hurling a missile at a bus terminal or a bus is a third-degree felony if a person doing so is not a commercial security personnel or appointed or elected peace officer.

10. In Rhode Island, people biting off limbs of other people will face a minimum of 1 year in prison or a maximum of 20 years. However, if the maiming is not intentional (i.e. someone accidentally falls and his or her teeth accidentally dismembers someone else), it is not a crime.

Weird Laws: 11 -20

11. In Missouri, driving with an uncaged bear in a car is prohibited. If the bear is caged, you can happily drive around with animal in your car.

12. In New Jersey, committing a homicide wearing a bulletproof vest is outlawed.

13. In Alaska, it is a crime to wake up a peacefully sleeping bear just to grab a photo opportunity.

14. In France, anyone who names his or her pig as ‘Napoleon’ commits a crime.

15. In Virginia, only and only married couples are allowed to have sex. Anyone else (irrespective of his/her age and the age of the partner) engaged in the act commits Class 4 misdemeanor.

16. Games in which participants are required to capture oiled or greased pigs are illegal in Minnesota.

17. Selling non-latex condoms in a vending machine is illegal in Maryland. Anyone found guilty can be fined up to $1,000.

18. Dwarf tossing in Florida is illegal and anyone found guilty of doing so will be fined with the maximum penalty being $1,000. Commercial establishment owners allowing or participating in such contests may also be fined.

19. In United Kingdom, a pregnant woman is allowed to legally relieve herself just about anywhere she want. She can even do so in the helmet of a policeman.

20. In Bahrain it is illegal for male doctors to examine female genitals by directly looking at them. They may do so only by looking at the reflections of the genitals in a mirror!

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