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20 Hilarious and Weird Laws Around the World – Part I

Laws are meant for? Well, you know the answer but there are times when they are also meant to grab some good laugh. Here are some incredibly stupid and weird laws from around the world that will give you the smile you always need after a super crappy day!

Weird Laws: 1-10

1. In Longyearbyen – a small town in the Arctic, dying is outlawed. You are not allowed to die in the city. If you are about to walk the rainbow, you will be dispatched to mainland. Why? It was imposed some 70 years ago because bodies fail to decompose due to Arctic cold and hence, the graveyard stopped accepting new dead people.

2. In Denmark, if you are out dining at a restaurant and you think you are ‘not full’ at the end of your dinner, you simply just don’t have to pay for the food. Well, your opinion is all what you need to walk out without paying a dime.

3. In Britain, if a customs officer happens to grab your bags and turn them inside out even if you are completely innocent, you will be in no position to drag the officer to court. Why? Because, Customs Laws Consolidation Act 1876, Section 268 specifically states that no action can be taken against any such officer without a prior notice of one month. Also Section 272 states that if at all someone wants to take an action, he or she must do so within a month from the date of the incident.

4. In Japan, being fat is outlawed. In 2009 a law was passed which stated that no men (irrespective of the age) can have a waistline that measures 80 cm or above. In case of women, the forbidden measurement is 90 cm and above. Irony! Japan gave us Sumo wrestling!

5. In Thailand, if you leave your house without an underwear, you will be fined of jailed. If you drive a car without wearing a shirt, you will be jailed or fined. If you step on the nation’s currency, you will be jailed.

6. In Denmark, it is outlawed to start your vehicle’s engine without checking for sleeping children underneath the vehicle. Doing so will put you in jail.

7. In Denmark, if you escape from prison, it is legal. So, if you happen to run your vehicle over a sleeping child and get caught, you can escape from prison.

8. In Switzerland, flushing toilets in apartment buildings after 10 PM is considered antisocial. Be careful about your bowel movements. You need to meticulously plan it out.

9. In St Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago, wearing camouflaged clothing is outlawed for citizens and tourists alike. If you are caught, not only will your clothes and kits be confiscated, you will also be detained.

10. “The Outer Space Act 1986” of United Kingdom is one of the weirdest you can come across. It says that if and only if aliens have a license to invade, they can actually operate all their alien space objects without any restriction. However, if they don’t have a proper license, the Secretary of State has full authority to use reasonable force against the alien invasion. Truly Great Britain!

Weird Laws: 11-20

11. In Iowa, a man cannot kiss a woman in public place if the man has a mustache. Doing so is outlawed.

12. In Milan Italy, you always need to wear a smile on your face. Doing otherwise (that is not having a smiling face or in other words frowning) will lead to a hefty fine. You can not wear a smile only when you are visiting hospitals or funerals.

13. In Minnesota, USA, you will be breaking law if you hang a female and male underwear on the same washing line!

14. When in Prague, if you happen to take a taxi and see the taxi driver cranking up the meter to Level 3, report immediately because Level 3 rates are reserved for taxi rides after a nuclear explosion.

15. In Oklahoma, USA do not even think of making funny faces at dogs because that will not only lead to a fine but you can also be jailed.

16. In United Arab Emirates, holding hands, hugging or kissing in public is illegal and this holds true even for tourists. You can not only be fined but you can also be jailed.

17. In France, both drivers and passengers of a car are required to carry Breathalyzer. Failure to comply will lead to 11 Euros in fine.

18. In Maldives, if you are caught reading Bible, Gita or any other religious book apart from Qur’an in a public place, you will be arrested. Only Islam is allowed to be publicly observed.

19. In Fiji, if you are swimming or sunbathing publicly with your pants down or your top off, you are displaying public nudity and this is illegal there. So be careful!

20. While in Florence, Italy, if you are caught eating or drinking on the steps of a church or in a church’s courtyard and even close to any public building, you are going to have some trouble. It is illegal to do so and you will be fined immediately.