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20 Fun and Strange Mobile Phone Facts

Okay just like our last list on mobile phone facts, here is another list of strange mobile phone facts. Hope you will like this list too. In case you have any more facts to share, do share with us through our comments section. So, let us begin with our list of strange mobile phone facts.

Fun and Strange Mobile Phone Facts: 1-5

1. Same as USA, there are more people in China who access internet through their mobile phones than PC. – Source

2. When it comes to web traffic, 27% of upstream traffic is consumed by… can you guess? By photo uploaded through mobile phones to Facebook. – Source

3. One iPhone, if charged completely once in a single day, it consumes electricity worth $0.25 every year. – Source

4. Of all smartphone users in world, a staggering 65% users download absolutely no app per month. – Source

5. There are nearly 250,000 separate patents that make up the whole technology of a smartphone. – Source

Fun and Strange Mobile Phone Facts: 6-10

6. Of all mobile malwares, 99% are targeted towards those who use Android phones. – Source

7. How many times a person unlocks his or her smartphone in a day? That’s 110 times on average. – Source

8. In Finland there is an official sport of throwing mobile phones. – Source

9. Divorcing a partner using text message is considered a crime in Malaysia. – Source

10. A survey was conducted with millennials. 47% agreed that they use smartphones at times with the sole intention of avoiding people around them. – Source

Fun and Strange Mobile Phone Facts: 11-15

11. Of all mobile phones in world, 70% are produced in China alone.

12. £ 142,000 is the highest mobile phone bill ever in a single month. That bill belonged to Celina Aarons.

13. The costliest phone in this world is iPhone 5 Black Diamond. It is worth $15 million.

14. Specialty of iPhone 5 Black Diamond is that it is made of 135 grams of 24 carat solid gold. There are 600 white diamonds inlaid in chassis. It took 9 weeks to build the phone.

15. 49% of smartphone users spend most of their time with smartphone doing what? Gaming! 30% mobile users spend most time with their smartphone on social networking sites.

Fun and Strange Mobile Phone Facts: 16-20

16. Which is the toughest phone in this world? It is Sonim XP3300 Force. According to Guinness World Records, this phone survived 84 feet drop and was still fully functional.

17. BellSouth Cellular was the company to launch world’s first smartphone. The phone was launched in 1993 at Wireless World Conference held in Florida. The phone had LCD touchscreen.

18. The name of the phone launched by BellSouth Cellular was Simon and was designed by IBM. Its price was $899.

19. Ringxiety is condition where a person thinks that his or her phone is ringing or vibrating. This is also known as Phantom Vibration Syndrome. Sometimes it also goes by the name Phantom Ringing.

20. There is something called Frigensophobia. It is nothing but the fear that using a mobile phone is damaging one’s brain.

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