20 Fascinating Indian Ocean Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
fascinating indian ocean facts

The mighty Indian Ocean has a number of surprises hidden in it. This article on Indian Ocean facts will definitely take you by surprise if you are not already aware of the same. So, why waste time on a nice and interesting opening paragraph? Instead, let us get amazed with these fascinating facts about Indian Ocean. Let’s start…

Fascinating Indian Ocean Facts: 1-5

1. Indian Ocean is the only ocean in the world which has been named after a country.

2. Of all the countries sharing the Indian Ocean, India has the longest coastline with this ocean.

3. In terms of size, the Indian Ocean is world’s 3rd largest ocean. The two that are bigger than the Indian Ocean are Atlantic Ocean (2nd) and the Pacific Ocean (1st).

4. Of the total ocean area in this world, 1/5th is covered by Indian Ocean.

5. Of the total water that sits on this Earth, 20% is found in Indian Ocean.

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Fascinating Indian Ocean Facts: 6-10

6. In total, 16 countries from the continent of Africa, 18 countries of the continent of Asia and 57 groups of islands are connected with this ocean.

7. The continent nation of Australia is also connected with the Indian Ocean.

8. If we go by NEWS (North East West and South), we will find Indian Ocean bordering Asia to the North, Australia to the East, Africa to the West and Antarctica to the South.

9. Actually, to the South, the Indian Ocean borders the Southern Ocean – aka – Antarctic Ocean.

10. The Indian Ocean has its northernmost point located in the Persian Gulf at equator’s 30° north.

Fascinating Indian Ocean Facts: 11-15

11. The imaginary line that separates Indian Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean is the 20° east meridian that starts are Cape Agulhas and runs south.

12. Similarly, Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are also separated by an imaginary line. The boundary is defined as 146°55’E meridian which starts from Tasmania’s southernmost tip and runs south.

13. The total area that the Indian Ocean covers is 73,556,000 sq. km. or approximately 28,350,000 square miles.

14. The total volume of this ocean stands at 292,131,000 cubic kilometers.

15. The ocean is widest at 10,000 kilometers or 6,200 miles between Australia’s Southern tip and Africa’s Southern tip.

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Fascinating Indian Ocean Facts: 16-20

16. The average depth of the ocean stands at 3,960 meters or 12,990 feet. However, the deepest point in the ocean is Java Trench’s Sunda Deep. The depth here is 7,450 meters or 24,442 feet.

17. In Indian Ocean, the warmest sea is the Persian Gulf. The second warmest sea is the Red Sea. Red Sea is also the most saline of all seas in the Indian Ocean.

18. Each year, the Indian Ocean is getting wider by approximately 20 centimeters.

19. Of all offshore oil production that takes place in this world, 40% comes from Indian Ocean.

20. The Kerguelen Plateau is a newly discovered continent that sits submerged in the Indian Ocean in its southern part.

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