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20 Fascinating Banana Fun Facts

Hey we are back with banana fun facts! In our last article on banana facts we learned that this fruit is actually a berry and it is radioactive by nature. But you know what? We were just getting started. There is much more to tell about this fascinating fruit. So, in case we haven’t bored you to the point of madness, let’s ride along and learn 20 more facts about bananas. You ready?

Fascinating Banana Fun Facts: 1-5

1. You know what? Bananas won’t drown in water. Drop a banana in water and it will float.

2. 75% of banana is actually composed of water. Still they give a dry mouth feel when eaten. However, properly ripe bananas feel creamy and squishy.

3. The common banana that you actually see in market is known as Cavendish banana. However, there used to be one banana variant known as Gros Michel that used to be the most preferred banana variant.

4. Gros Michel actually went extinct by 1960s because of Panama Disease – a type of fungus that attacked the roots of the Gros Michel trees (herbs).

5. As of date, Cavendish is safe but in coming two decades, Panama Disease can also attack this banana breed and force it to extinction.

Fascinating Banana Fun Facts: 6-10

6. It is said that Gros Michel was actually better than Cavendish in terms of taste. It was also bigger in size and was known for longer shelf life.

7. Though Cavendish is eaten worldwide, it actually originated in Southeast Asia, specifically Indonesia and then moved to India. From India, it spread out to Greece when Alexander the Great ate banana for the first time in India.

8. There is a variant of banana known as the lady finger banana. It is actually smaller in size, has a thin peel and is sweeter compared to normal bananas we eat.

9. Fibers that are collected from banana plant can be used for making clothes. Yes, clothes that we wear.

10. There are 50 different species of bananas present worldwide. One of them is Goldfinger banana which actually tastes more like an apple. It is a hybrid that was produced by Philip Rowe. This species is currently popular in some parts of Australia but it failed to make a commercial entry worldwide.

Fascinating Banana Fun Facts: 11-15

11. The world consumes 100 billion bananas a year. This is why banana is the 4th largest agricultural product all over the world. The top three positions are taken by wheat, rice and corn.

12. The other name of bananas is plantains. However, in daily use, the term banana refers to the sweeter and riper variant of the fruit while plantain refers to the starchier version that requires proper cooking to make it edible.

13. When bananas are exported, they are actually plucked before they ripen and become yellow, i.e. when they are still green. They are exported in special storage containers and by the time they reach their destination, they are ripe and ready to eat.

14. Oxford English Dictionary was the first to record the phrase – going bananas. Going bananas is nothing but comic connection of the fruit with monkeys.

15. If we measure the per capita consumption of bananas then Uganda tops the list of all countries in this world. People there eat 500 pounds of bananas per year per person.

Fascinating Banana Fun Facts: 16-20

16. There are some wild banana species that are difficult to eat because they have really hard seeds. However, they are still edible. You just need to work hard to get rid of those seeds and trust us, your jaws will hurt after some time.

17. If you think that bananas come in only yellow color, you are wrong. Ripe bananas can have other colors too. Green is very common while you can also come across red variants. You can also get brown and purple variants too! They are ripe and palatable.

18. The banana plant is actually the world’s largest herb and can grow up to 25 feet in height. Interestingly, the root of a banana plant can be hundreds of years old but the stem that rises above the ground is herbaceous and dies at the end of one-year cycle.

19. Americans came to know about the bananas when Portuguese sailors brought them to Americas in 16th century from West Africa.

20. The first cultivated fruit in this world is probably banana. It is believed that the first banana farms came to existence in Southeast Asia.

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