20 Facts About Tigers

by Sankalan Baidya
tiger facts

Their sparkling eyes are one of the world’s magnificent wonders. We’re talking about the largest of the big cats – tigers – here. They are proud wild animals. However, it’s really sad that they’re threat to the humankind. Let’s explore this animal a bit. We’ve handpicked around 20 facts about tigers here so that you get to know this animal a bit more detailed way.

Facts about Tigers
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Facts About Tigers: 1-10

1. Their wide orange fur with black stripes distinguish them from other animals.

2. The tiger’s coat may vary across the subspecies. For example, tigers from Sumatra have darkest coat, while the Bengal tigers sometimes have white coats because of a recessive gene.

3. Amur tigers are the largest tiger. The males weigh around 660 pounds and the females weigh around 370 pounds.

4. Tigers are carnivores. They prefer to eat freshly killed animals like wild pigs, dears and cattle. Unfortunately, a tiger can also become a man-eater.

5. If we talk about tiger’s eyes, they have round pupils, unlike the cats. Cats have slitted pupils. It’s because tigers hunt in both morning and evening.

6. As for eye feature, most tigers are usually found with yellow eyes. But, white tigers have blue eyes.

7. Tigers love to be in their respective territories. They mark their area with urine and by scratching on the trees.

8. It has been seen that most tigers’ night vision is almost six times better than that of humans.

9. As male tigers hunt more, they take spacious territories than the females. However, female tigers also hunt because tigers are solitary animals and do not prefer to take help from others to get food. It’s also true that the space of male tigers overlaps with the territory of females so that they can mate.

10. If many tigers have to share a kill, they let the females and the cubs eat first and prefer to wait for their turns.

Facts About Tigers: 11-20

facts about tigers
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11. A female tiger gives birth to two or three cubs at a time. Baby tigers are generally called cubs. The male tigers don’t help in the upbringing of the cubs.

12. It’s said that the stripes on the tigers are very unique. They are like human fingerprints.

13. Depending on which subspecies a tiger belong to, its sizes may vary. For example, the Siberian tigers are almost 3.5 long and the Sumatran tigers are almost 2m long.

14. A tigress is fertile only for four or five days in a year. The females mate quite frequently this time and carry the babies for more than three months before giving birth.

15. Survival rate of tiger cubs is very low. Only half of the newborns can stay live to adulthood. The cubs are completely blind for the first week after their birth.

16. Tigers love the territories that have lots of prey and enough water. They are solitary animals. They like to live in their respective areas.

17. The Asian countries have the highest distribution of this animal. India, Indonesia and Siberia have varieties of these species.

18. Tigers love to live in dense jungles or swamps.

19. Although tigers rarely attack humans, but they can do so if the humans come into close contact with them.

20. Unfortunately, if a small number of tigers develop the taste for human flesh, there is no way other than killing them.

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