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20 Facts About Robert Mugabe

Robert Mugabe has been an infamous political leader and also had a great influence on Zimbabwe’s freedom fighting movements. He still acquires a prestigious political position there. Here are some quick facts about Robert Mugabe for your reference.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 1-5

1. His full name is Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He was born on 21st February 1924 in Kutama, Southern Rhodesia, which is now Zimbabwe. The place came under the British rule at that point of time and the region was under too much political stress because of this reason.

2. Gabriel Matibili was his father. He was a carpenter. His mother, Bona, was from the Shona ethnic group.

3. It was Ghana, where he met his wife Sally Hayfron for the first time and got married to her. However, he got married to Grace Marufu, who is his present wife, after Sally’s death.

4. He had one son with Sally Hayfron, but he died at the age of 4. He has two sons and one daughter with Grace Marufu.

5. Some sources also report that Mugabe’s father went to South Africa to work at a Jesuit mission when Mugabe was still a little boy, but he never came back home.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 6-10

6. His mother was left alone to raise Mugabe and his three other siblings on her own.

7. Mugabe tried to help his mother by tending cows and doing odd jobs in his childhood.

8. Mugabe had a special interest in education. He had his schooling under the guidance of the school director Father O’Hea.

9. Mugabe luckily had a good influence in his childhood as he was under the supervision of O’Hea, who taught him to treat all people equally and directed toward education fulfillment. His teachers used to often call him “a clever child”.

10. He diligently finished his college education from the Katuma’s St. Francis Xavier College in the year 1945.  He didn’t lose his touch with the education sector as he chose the profession of a teacher and taught in Rhodesia and Ghana.

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Facts about Robert Mugabe: 11-15

11. He also pursued higher education at Fort Hare University in South Africa at the same time. In 1951, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in history and English from there.

12. After that, he returned to his place to help locals with education. He decided to continue his education and earned the degree of Bachelors of Education through the correspondence course in 1953, when he was in his hometown.

13. When he was in the hometown, he noticed the residents of Southern Rhodesia were pretty oppressed about the new rules and restrictions placed on their daily lives.

facts about robert mugabe
Prime Minister Mugabe | By Hans van Dijk / Anefo – http://proxy.handle.net/10648/ad18dc5a-d0b4-102d-bcf8-003048976d84, CC0, Link

14. Robert Mugabe has been the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe Since 1980.

15. He also served his nation as a President.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 16-20

16. When Mugabe went to his hometown in 1960 to introduce his fiancée, he discovered a drastic change in the place which left him quite disappointed.

17. Mugabe was selected Public Secretary of the National Democratic Party in 1960.

18. He co-founded Zimbabwe African National Union in 1963.

19. He was arrested for his aggressive protests against the British colonial Government and imprisoned for ten years.

20. While he was in the prison, he continued his education and earned university degrees in economics, education, administration and law.

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