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20 More Facts About Robert Mugabe

If you believe few people are destined to do great things, Robert Mugabe is one of them. He has great stories that people of Zimbabwe still are proud about. During the days of freedom fighting, Mugabe sacrificed many of his precious years in prison. Here are some top facts about Robert Mugabe you would like to know about:

facts about robert mugabe
Mugabe in 1982 | By Marcel Antonisse / Anefo – http://proxy.handle.net/10648/ad1900a4-d0b4-102d-bcf8-003048976d84, CC0, Link

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 1-5

1. Despite having the possibility of making a great career, Mugabe chose to fight for his people and for his place’s freedom. He was strictly against the fact that the British colonial government ruled out the black majority rule.

2. It was the year 1960 when he first agreed to address the crowd who assembled to protest against the arrest of their great leaders.

3. Mugabe was quick to form a militant youth party to continue his movement. He wanted to help his locals achieve black independence in Rhodesia.

4. The Government, however, discontinued the operation of the party at the end of year 1961.

5. When Mugabe tried to develop an association called Zimbabwe African National Union in 1963, he was arrested and sent to the prison of Hwahwa.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 6-10

6. He didn’t lose his spirit during his days in prison. He engaged in the planning of guerilla operations through secret communications while still being in the prison.

7. He managed to leave the prison in 1974 and fled to Southern Rhodesia. He then worked on bringing together a troop of Rhodesian guerrilla trainees.

8. Under Mugabe’s strong guidance and leadership, the battle against the British colonial government continued throughout 1970s. British rule almost vanished in the Southern Rhodesia by the year 1980.

9. After being awarded with the presidential position, Mugabe was quick to restructure and repair the country’s broken economy.

10. 1989 was the year of freedom, especially to the farmers as they were given the opportunity to designate the price of their own crops.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 11-15

11. Under Mugabe’s leadership, the growth in different sectors like farming, manufacturing and mining became prominent by 1994.

12. Zimbabwe, however, had to go through a little unrest due to factors like high inflation and Mugabe’s denial to amend the one party constitution present in Zimbabwe.

13. Mugabe also won the 2002 presidential election.

14. Despite Zimbabwe’s deteriorating condition, widespread unemployment, rising cases of AIDS and foreign debt, Mugabe was determined to protect his position. He was alleged to trigger violence and corruption nationwide to win the vote of 2005.

15. Mugabe, however, was found to be very wrong to get involved in a fight with Morgan Tsvangirai in 2008.

Facts about Robert Mugabe: 16-20

16. This happened when Morgan Tsvangirai won the presidential election of 2008 which left Mugabe insecure.

17. The year 2008 was not so good for Mugabe as the University of Massachusetts Board of Trustees decided to cancel the honorary law degree it gave to him.

18. His opponents stood against the fact the Mugabe lavishly spent $250,000 to celebrate his birthday on February 28, 2009 amid Zimbabwe’s economic uncertainty.

19. On August 3 2013, Zimbabwe Election Commission head announced that Mugabe won the election for the presidential position with 61.09 percent vote.

20. Mugabe had the virtue of a great leader and he possessed the power to lead his people with his leadership abilities.

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