20 Facts About Lions

by Sankalan Baidya
facts about lions

According to wildlife lovers, lions are the second largest creatures in the cat family after the tiger. They are the pride of the jungle. We think they’re cool wild animals, we love their style and personality. Why do they get so much attention of the world? Let’s find out the most interesting 20 facts about lions:

Image is taken from Pixabay and comes with ‘free for commercial use license.’

Facts about Lions: 1-5

1. Lions are very dominating by nature. However, they love to live in groups.

2. Male lions are heavy and powerful. Most male lions can grow up to 10 feet in length. They can weigh between 330 to 550 pounds.

3. Female lions are not so big by physical appearance. They usually grow up to 9 feet and weight around 265 – 395 pounds.

4. Not to forget, it has quite a long tail which can be additionally 2 – 3 feet long.

5. The coat of a lion may vary according to the region. The lions from the hot area usually have lighter color, while they have darker color when they live in the highly dense vegetation areas.

facts about lions
Image is taken from Pixabay and comes with ‘free for commercial use license.’

Facts about Lions: 6-10

6. Male lions usually have brown or black hairs around the head and the neck. This unique appearance known as mane differentiates them from the female lions.

7. Females have the responsibility to hunt for the group, while males guard the territory and fight the inhibitors.

8. Lion’s body structure is made for hunting. They have strong forelimbs and jaws which help them have better control over their prey while hunting.

9. Female lions generally mate once in every two years. They can give birth to one to six cubs at a time.

10. The females usually carry cubs for a total period of three and half months before giving birth.

Facts about Lions: 11-15

11. The survival rate of the cubs are not very high as more than half of the cubs die within one year of their birth.

12. Wild male lions can live for 12 years and females for 15 years approximately.

13. The group of lions is called prides. Prides of lions can have 40 lions, which may include adult females, cubs, sub adults and two other male lions.

facts about lions
Image by Felix Brönnimann from https://teefarm.ch/tshirt-drucken/

14. The female members don’t usually leave the pride until there is shortage of foods. The male members can leave the group after two or three years.

15. Where can you find them most? They mostly live across North America, Europe, and Africa.

Facts about Lions: 16-20

16. You can call them lazy. They spend around 16 – 20 hours in a day sleeping or resting. So they are basically active only for the remaining 4 hours when they protect their territory.

17. What do they eat? They prefer zebras, young elephants, buffaloes, wartogs, antelopes and giraffes.

18. During the mating season, the male lion usually stays closer to the female that is in heat. They don’t mate longer than a minute. But they do it every 15 to 30 minutes.

19. Lions don’t usually have any particular hunting time. They can hunt anytime they want, but they usually prefer to hunt in the night.

20. Although lions drink water every day, they can manage to live without it for four or five days if needed.

That’s not the complete list though! There are many more facts about Lions and we will share them in a separate article. Until then, if you have something interesting to share about these majestic cats, feel free to do so through the comments section.

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