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20 Facts About Leopard

by Sankalan Baidya
20 Interesting Facts About Leopards

It’s too difficult to decide whether leopards are treacherous forest animals, or they’re some adorable wild creatures and natural heritage of earth. We must respect their existence as nature has its own reason for its creation. There are a few nice things you might like to know about this animal. Here are the 20 facts about Leopard we should know about:

20 Interesting Facts About Leopards

1. Leopards are big cats. Of course, they are more dangerous than the cat we consider as pets.

2. You can consider it as quite a graceful animal. Their average height is usually 28 inches.

3. This animal is very adaptive by nature as it can sustain in any type of environment. Also, it is a very successful hunter.

4. You may notice quite a big variation in the color and length of its fur. The leopards living in the cold countries usually have fur that is much longer and grayer.

5. The leopards from the rainforest have golden fur. So, the distinctive color and type of coat generally depends on the region they belong to.

6. Do you know what they eat? They are fond of fish, reptiles, carcasses, wartogs, hares, antelopes and rodents.

7. Leopards are pretty tactical and elusive animals. They are quick and stealthy in hunting.

8. They prefer to hunt in the night. It’s interesting to know that each leopard has its identified hunting territory. They mark it with their claws and urine. They don’t like invading the hunting range of others.

9. Female leopards leave a unique scent and rub their body against the trees to leave her smell there as an indication that they are ready to mate.

10. Female leopard gives birth to two or three cubs at a time. They can give birth at any point of time of the year. The cubs generally live with their mothers up to the age of two.

11. Male leopards are almost 50 per cent larger than the female leopards. Female leopards weight around 62 – 100 pounds and male leopards weigh around 80 – 150 pounds.

12. They have very long tails that help them to balance and make sharp turns.

13. The life expectancy of a leopard living in the wild is generally 12 – 15 years and a leopard living in a zoo has a life expectancy of about 23 years.

14. Leopards have the largest distribution in eastern and southern Asia and Africa.

15. Leopards don’t usually roar as much as lions do, but they are also found to purr.

16. They’ve a tendency of dragging their food high up into a tree so that they can protect it from other animals.

17. Male leopards are strong animals. Because of having a powerful and muscular body, they can kill giraffes and drag them into trees.

18. Some people have a weird belief that Leopard’s bones and whiskers can cure ill people.

19. Leopards are silent hunters. They can hide in the tree while hunting. Their spotted coats help them to blend with the tree leaves.

20. They are also good swimmers and love to be in the water. This is why they’re quite good in hunting fish and crabs.

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