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20 More Facts About Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin emerged as a controversial political figure of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He ruled for a considerably longer period of time and had a remarkable contribution in the Soviet Union’s freedom fighting movements.

The country, however, had to go through numerous grim events under his Government. Joseph Stalin is often recognized for being responsible for many cruel murders and criminal activities conducted under his tenure. We handpicked a few very important facts about Joseph Stalin for you:

Facts about Joseph Stalin: 1-5

1. Joseph Stalin, who was known as the most powerful and unkind dictator of the history, didn’t have a very pleasant childhood.

2. His father Besarion Jughashvili, who was a cobbler, was alcoholic by nature and used to beat him quite often. His mother was a laundress.

3. He left school to join the group Bolsheviks while he adopted the name Koba.

4. 1912 was the year when Bolsheviks party leader Lenin decided to appoint Stalin to serve the first Central Committee of the party.

5. After acquiring a leading position and full-fledged control over his party in the year 1924, Joseph prepared a five year plan to transform the Soviet Union into an industrial superpower.

Facts about Joseph Stalin: 6-10

6. Joseph Stalin used to believe in rule by terror regime. During his ruling tenure, the secret police had extended power and millions of people were forced for labor camps.

7. He used to be known as a self-obsessive person. Many cities were forcefully renamed after his name in his honor.

8. Joseph Stalin personally was fond of artwork, literature and music.

9. Joseph Stalin went into a nonaggression pact with the Germany.

10. He made the biggest mistake of ignoring his own intelligence group’s warning that Germany was all prepared to make a strike on June 1941.

Facts about Joseph Stalin: 11-15

11. Despite that, the Hitler dominated country broke the Nazi-Soviet pact and attacked the USSR unexpectedly.

12. As the Soviet army was unprepared to face the attack, they had to face a huge loss.

13. Stalin was, however, bold to tactfully handle the situation. He made on-spot defensive policy cutting every possible source of goods supply which could benefit the opponent.

14. It’s heard that the German army was able to occupy the entire Ukraine and Belarus.

15. The Soviet army, however, was able to send the Germans back in 1943.

Facts about Joseph Stalin: 16-20

facts about joseph stalin
Stalin Mourning Parade | By Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-18684-0002 / Höhne, Erich; Pohl, Erich / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, Link

16. The grim side of Joseph’s Government was that it caused life loss to many families. Joseph’s plan for collectivization of agriculture forced millions of farmers to go against him.

17. In the beginning of 1920, when farmers refused to agree with his will and were not ready to cooperate with Stalin, he announced shoot on sight order and exile in some cases as punishment.

18. Stalin also initiated the Great Purge campaign to free the communist party and the military from the control of people who took it as a threat.

19. Joseph Stalin became obsessed with the threat of the West invasion which led him to establish Communist regimes in the Eastern European countries between 1945 and 1948.

20. Because of deteriorating health, Stalin died on 5th March 1953.

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