20 Facts About Giraffe

by Sankalan Baidya
20 Facts About Giraffe

We would like to call Giraffe a human friendly animal. It’s vegetarian and doesn’t cause harm to human beings. What else we should know about it? Is there anything which can help us know a little bit more about this peaceful animal? We’ve got these 20 facts about Giraffe for your knowledge:

20 Facts About Giraffe
1. It’s the most easily identifiable creature in the world. Is there any animal which is so tall?

2. Giraffe’s legs are almost lengthier than 6 feet, which is taller than the height of the average human being.

3. The long legs and neck are probably the reason why they’re so comfortable with eating leaves from top of the trees.

4. A male giraffe can grow as tall as 18 feet, while a female giraffe can be 14 feet tall.

5. Giraffes also have very distinctive coats. Some of them have a square shaped coat, while some have coats that look like oak leaves.

6. Giraffes have a tendency to be in a group of 12. They don’t sleep more than 20 minutes a day and also not more than 5 minutes at a stretch.

7. Like camels, giraffes can also sustain without water for a very long time.

8. How much do they eat? A giraffe can eat almost 34 kg food every day.

9. A male giraffe can identify whether a female is ready to mate or not through two ways – by smelling her distinctive body and urine smell.

10. A female giraffe can become pregnant just at the age of 5. They usually carry the baby for about 15 months before giving birth.

11. Female giraffes can give birth at any time throughout the year. They can have one calf at a time. They give birth standing up. The young calves learn to stand just 30 minutes after birth. They can run 10 hours after birth. Their babies are usually 6 ft long and weigh around 70 kg.

12. Africa has the largest number of this animal. Although their population is sharply declining.

13. Wild animal analysts believe giraffe somewhat looks like a cross between the  camel and leopard.

14. How large is its feet? It has foot of a size of 12 inches. Its neck is 6 feet long. So you can imagine how big this animal is.

15. It’s so surprising to know that giraffes have four stomachs to digest their food. They are a ruminant.

16. The male giraffe is generally heavier and taller than the female giraffe.

17. Scientists believe the age of a giraffe can be estimated from the spots. An old giraffe will have darker spots than the younger one.

18. For a giraffe, its biggest predators are crocodile, lions and humans, of course. They, however, try to defend with a deadly kick.

19. Giraffes soon may vanish from earth due to a growing number of illegal hunting.

20. The average life expectancy of a giraffe is 25 years.

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