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20 More Facts About Benito Mussolini

Benito Mussolini was a high-spirit political leader who took control of Italy for a period of almost 21 years. He was born in the striving economy of Italy. He was known for keeping Italy under single party dictatorship amid the worldwide political uncertainties. Here are some quick facts about Benito Mussolini for your knowledge:

Facts about Benito Mussolini: 1-5

1. Benito Mussolini was the Prime Minister of Italy from 1922 till 1943.

2. He married Ida Dalser in 1914. They had a son named Benito Albino Mussolini. But Benito again got married to Rachele Guidi, who was his mistress, in 1915. To save his political career and hide the information about his first marriage, both his first wife and son were persecuted. Mussolini had two daughters with Rachele Guidi.

3. Despite having a very aggressive childhood and not so brilliant educational background, he managed to be in the forefront due to an active involvement with the socialists.

4. Involvement with the socialists helped him get work as a writer and editor in many local socialist newspapers.

5. He was known for taking part in violent activities and call for strikes to create changes in the system.

Facts about Benito Mussolini: 6-10

6. When Benito was trying to come into the power, he used the secret police service and labor strikes to destroy the opposition parties.

7. He was the one who helped Italy come under one party dictatorship.

8. Benito Mussolini declared himself the dictator of Italy on January 3, 1925.

9. After becoming the prime minister of Italy, Benito wanted an empire for himself, which is why he decided to invade Ethiopia. It was the year 1935 when Italy finally attacked Ethiopia under his guidance.

10. Many European countries didn’t support Mussolini’s move during this time as the unexpected attack brought brutal incidences upon the residents. The only European country that supported Mussolini’s attack on Ethiopia was the Germany.

Facts about Benito Mussolini: 11-15

11. Hitler was a great admirer of Mussolini.

12. Mussolini had an alliance with Hitler, despite the fact that he didn’t like Hitler much.

13. In the year 1925, a law was passed that altered Mussolini’s formal title to “head of the government”. As per the new law, Mussolini was no longer responsible to Parliament anymore and could only be removed from his position by the king.

14. During his regime, Mussolini formed many constructive programs and took initiatives to help Italy come out of a stagnant economy.

15. Benito Mussolini also initiated the “Battle for Land” policy that was based on land reclamation.

Facts about Benito Mussolini: 16-20

16. He tried to fight economic recession by starting “Gold for the Fatherland” initiative. This initiative was meant for encouraging the citizens for donating jewelries like necklace and earrings voluntarily to the Government. In exchange for that, they were given a steel wristband engraved the words “Gold for the Fatherland”.

17. Mussolini was an opportunist. He figured out ways to change foreign policies in favor of the country’s economic development.

18. Mussolini’s strong personality and thirst for success helped Italy emerge as a great European power.

19. Mussolini also tried to have Government control over the businesses. Mussolini claimed to have a control over the three quarters of Italian business by 1935.

20. Benito Mussolini was shot dead by Walter Audisio. Audisio was ordered by the National Liberation Committee to kill Mussolini.

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