20 Facts About Urine That Will Astonish You

by Sankalan Baidya
facts about urine

Are you bored of the wee wee facts so far? Hopefully not because, this list of 20 facts about urine isn’t going to be the last one (if you were hoping so)! So, let’s embark on a journey to another list of pee facts that you might find a bit gross but hey, you will just enjoy these facts. Let’s begin…

Facts About Urine That Will Astonish You: 1-5

1. This may reduce your love for lobsters a bit. A male lobster has its urinary bladder located right in its head! When two males face each other in a duel, one of their weapons is squirting urine on the opponent’s face!

2. Urine has a great use when it comes to camouflage. For instance, if you take a good look at Siberian chipmunks in the wild, you will notice them covering themselves in snake pee. The reason? They just want to camouflage their own scent.

3. There is something called fake raccoon pee. That’s real! Ask the hunters because they get this liquid and spray it on to themselves and their dogs in order to hide their own scent from the unsuspecting prey.

4. There is one time when neither do bears pee and nor do they poop. Can you tell when? That’s when they hibernate.

5. Ever heard the term ‘Chamber lye’? That’s a soap that was once made by American pilgrims. It had two major components – ash and… yes, urine! They used to collect urine in barrels and then add ashes to the liquid to make the soap.

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Facts About Urine That Will Astonish You: 6-10

6. Steam bath of urine! That sounds pretty awful but the Inuit had a working system for this. They would enter tents where hot rocks were placed. They would then pee on the rocks to create steam and take a refreshing steam bath. Now, that’s refreshing!

7. Want a fresh glow but don’t have money for creams and lotions? Worry not ladies! Go old school – the French or English way. Women in England and France would – a few centuries ago – pee right on their hands to get a lovely glow.

8. (Continued from #7) If their bladders seemed to be empty, they would go for puppy piss. Allegedly, the pee would soften their hands and give them a brilliant glow. We wonder what they did to their faces!

9. (Continued from #7 and #8) In case you didn’t know, urine of mammals (dogs and humans included) contain urea, which is the primary reason for glowing skin. How do we know? Ask the cream and lotion manufacturers. They use artificially produced urea in those skin lightening creams and lotions to give that amazing glow.

10. Chinook Olives – now that was a delicacy among Chinook Indian tribe. The delicacy had a very gross preparation method. You can try it some day. Just soak some acorns in your urine and store the damn thing for 5 months. Now, eat!

Facts About Urine That Will Astonish You: 11-15

11. Don’t want to taste the tribal food? No problem. You can always try the baking methods used before yeast discovery. The bakers from Europe had a very unique way making the bread rise when baked. They just added urine!

12. The lovely little butterflies that sip flower nectar have a very gross and dark secret that you might not like. But we will tell it anyway. They will just sip clean any urine that collects on leaves and flower (urine can be anyone’s – a dog’s, cat’s, a human’s or just any animal). Why like that? That’s because butterflies also need vitamins and urine is their best source!

13. Scarcity of salt can take you to dark places! Reindeer is the best example. In the conditions they live, salt is scarce. So, they get most of the salt they need from urine. They drink urine!

14. (Continued from #13) In Siberia, sled masters devised an easy way to gather all their Reindeer to quickly hook them up with a sled. They sled masters would simply pee and place it in a spot and those animals will simply gather around the heavenly drink!

15. Hunting Reindeer is child’s play for Inuit people. They use a similar trick like Siberian sled masters. Inuit people will first create a trap (a pit actually). Place a thin sheet of ice over the pit and cover it. They will then pee in a line all the way up to the trap. You can now guess what happens.

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Facts About Urine That Will Astonish You: 16-20

16. There is the term called euphoria and then there is another term called “pee-phoria”. When you pee and your bladder pressure decreases, do you feel slight stimulation? That’s caused by nerve ending stimulation in your urinary system. That stimulation is called pee-phoria. Other terms for pee-phoria are piss bliss, ecstasy pee and pleasure pee.

17. You think pee-phoria is surprising? Take this – Urolagnia. There are some people who will simply get sexually aroused by thought or sight of urine. This condition is also known as urophilia, Water Sports, Golden Shower or undinism.

18. Women can pee only vertically. Men on the other hand can pee both vertically and horizontally. This isn’t really good for men because aiming becomes a tad more difficult with multi-directional peeing ability. Problem occurs when pee velocity control is less. There are two times when this happens – at the beginning of urination and at its end.

19. Did you know that your kidneys keep making urine even when you are sleeping? They never rest and they are the ones that remove salt, waste material and other material from blood and make the urine.

20. One of your two kidneys can actually grow by 50% if the other one is removed. This growth takes place within 2 months and the grown kidney can carry out the whole job of filtering blood and producing healthy urine all by itself.


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