Mayonnaise – a condiment that makes our taste buds ooze, has several interesting facts hidden in its soft buttery form. We just tend to enjoy it without even knowing how good or how bad it is.

Most of us don’t even know what is required to make this delicacy! So, if you have those questions hovering in your mind, here are 20 interesting facts about mayonnaise:

Facts About Mayonnaise: 1-5

1. The primary ingredients required to make this condiment are vinegar, vegetable oil and egg yolk. Lemon juice and mustard are often used to add flavors.

2. It is a wild guess that the name ‘mayonnaise’ is derived from a word called moyeu. ‘Moyeu’ is an old French word for egg yolk.

3. Mayonnaise is actually an emulsion that is produced by vigorous whisking while vegetable oil is slowly added to egg yolk. This whisking actually helps in proper dispersing of the oil.

4. It is a popular belief that commercial mayonnaise or industrial mayonnaise gets spoiled very quickly if it is not refrigerated. Well, that’s untrue! As a matter of fact, preservatives and acids added to the emulsion does not only increase its shelf life, but also when it is applied on salads, it manages to kill harmful bacteria.

5. Yet another reason why commercial mayonnaise has a longer shelf life is that the egg yolk used in its manufacturing process is actually pasteurized.

Facts About Mayonnaise: 6-10

6. Want to put on some weight? Consider eating mayonnaise. 13 grams of this condiment (actually 1 tablespoon) contains a whopping 90 calories!

7. USA’s most famous mayonnaise brand is Hellmann’s. The company merged with Unilever. Unilever reported that Hellmann’s accounted for 50% or market share in America.

8. People in Netherlands prefer mayonnaise over ketchup as French Fry condiment.

9. Mayonnaise with pickled onion and cucumber is known as tartar sauce. Ranch dressing is prepared with minced onion, mayonnaise and buttermilk. Thousand Island is prepared using pickle relish, ketchup, spices and assorted herbs mixed with mayonnaise base.

10. If you run out of your conditioner, all you have to do is to pick up a bottle of mayonnaise and bring in your empty conditioner bottle. Read the instructions on the conditioner bottle and do exactly as said, but with mayonnaise. Vegetable oil, egg yolk and vinegar are all good for hair health and using this condiment as a conditioner will leave your hair healthy, soft and shiny.

Facts About Mayonnaise: 11-15

11. Plant leaves and piano keys can be easily cleaned using mayonnaise. It actually gives a professional cleaning.

12. If the walls of your home have become boards for crayon art, let your children bring out their creativity. Once they are done, dab some mayonnaise on the art and rub. It will neatly clean up the walls without affecting your wall colors.

13. Mayonnaise can be an excellent exfoliator for your face. Simply put some mayonnaise in a bowl and heat it in a microwave. Allow it to cool down to room temperature. Now apply it on your face and scrub gently using circular or upward motion and your face will get a lovely glow. Dead cells will be removed, pores will become clean and your face skin will become soft.

14. Mayonnaise is a natural lice killer. It is free of harmful chemicals, and hence, it is not going to affect your hair (it rather improves your hair health) and eyes.

15. Mayonnaise can help to remove gum from floors, walls and furniture with ease. Simply dabbing some mayonnaise on the gum will neatly bring it out without leaving any mark or residue.

Facts About Mayonnaise: 16-20

16. The oil content of mayonnaise is 40% which is way more than what is required by human body in a single day. Excess oil consumed in form of mayonnaise is expelled by the body through skin pores. Thus, daily consumption of mayonnaise will leave your hair and skin oily.

17. Egg yolk and vegetable oil used in mayonnaise are generally not harmful, but when they are combined with other ingredients like ketchup or spices, they can potentially damage your brain.

18. High fat content of this condiment can lead to clogging of arteries and hence, lead to several heart diseases, which can be fatal.

19. Mayonnaise can help you fight hangnails. Dip your nails in a bowl full of mayonnaise and wait for 5 minutes. Wash your fingers using lukewarm water and say adieu to those nasty hangnails.

20. Mayonnaise can be a handy home remedy for sunburns. Apply mayo on the affected areas will help to ease pain quickly and reduce the burning sensation.

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