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20 Facts About India That Will Surprise You!

India is a poor country – full of filth and dirt. Streets full of cows and goats and beggars, roads and open spaces are used as garbage dumping stations and defecation space! That’s how some of the western media like the super-biased BBC (operated by propagandists) will portray India. But, that’s not the true face of India. That’s only a minor segment of the vast sub-continent that is always captured in cameras and shown to the world. The question is why?

That’s because, the west, the Europeans, the so called first-world countries cannot accept the fact that India was once a behemoth giant in terms of economic power, scientific knowledge and cultural diversity and despite being looted and pillaged by colonial British forces and the invading Islamic forces prior to that for centuries, India is once again on the verge of regaining her past glory.

Once that happens, the world as we know today will change forever. The era of capitalism where information is censored and made available only for those with money will see a gradual decline as India has always opened up to the world, sharing her knowledge for free. This isn’t in the interest of the so-called first-world nations. So, India being portrayed as a backward nation of filth and garbage is in best interest of them.

Okay… we are deviating from what we intend to share in this article. So, without further ado, let us take you through 20 facts about India that will leave you surprised. If you are an India, feel proud. If you are from another country, acknowledge the facts instead of blabbering.

And yes… this list is just the beginning of a series of articles on the same topic. We are only getting started.

Facts about India: 1-5

1. While those of you who think India is one of the least developed third world countries in world with no signs of development in world, think again. Navi Mumbai in India is world’s largest planned satellite township. Guess what? The British didn’t give that to us. The township was developed back in 1972.

2. And if you think India is nowhere even close to being developed, take it you proud citizens of developed countries, India is world’s first country to have discovered water molecules on our beloved Moon. This happened back in 2009 when Indian space organization called ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) sent Chandrayaan-1. Water was discovered on moon using Moon Mineralogy Mapper. Dear Big Brother NASA, do you have anything to say?

3. While we are talking about ISRO, why not take another case? India became world’s first country to send a satellite to Mars’ orbit and be successful at the very first attempt (launched on November 5, 2013). USA, Russia, UK – no one managed to do that. The satellite sent was named Mangalyaan and the total cost incurred was INR 450 crores (USD 74 million) while NASA sent Maven Mars Orbiter for a cost of whopping USD 672 million! The total cost that each individual Indian bore for the mission was less than INR 4.00 (one autorickshaw ride for shortest distance in Kolkata costs INR 5.00)!

4. ISRO again! This space agency created history again on February 15, 2017 by launching 104 satellites in one go and successfully injecting them in their orbits. Previously the record was held by Russia who launched 37 satellites at one go in year 2014.

5. Once again, ISRO! Did you know that the first communications satellite that ISRO designed and developed was called APPLE or Airane Passenger PayLoad Experiment? Also, did you know that the satellite was actually transported using a bullock cart?

Facts about India: 6-10

6. If that wasn’t enough to surprise you, here is something more! ISRO’s first rocket was transported on cycle. India launched her first rocket (NASA-supplied Nike-Apache rocket) in 1963 and with that, India scripted the beginning of her space exploration.

7. Enough of ISRO for now. Let us take a look at how much the Big Boy – America banks on India. Did you know that 36% of all employees of NASA are from which country? Yes, India!

8. Here’s some more data that will leave you surprised:

  • Of all employees of Microsoft, 34 % are Indians.
  • Of all employees of IBM, 28% are Indians.
  • Of all doctors in America, 38% are Indians.
  • Of all employees of Intel, 17% are Indians.
  • Of all scientists present in America, 12% are Indians.

USA isn’t the only country where Indians are found in large numbers in best of the best establishments. There are many other countries like the UK, Germany, France and more. We Indians are everywhere.

9. While not related to ISRO, did you know how advanced Indian technology has become? India’s DRDO has given Indian armed forces with Agni series of ballistic missiles that have near pin-point accuracy. Agni V of the series has a range of 5000+ kilometers according to India, making it an ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile). However, foreign media states that Agni V actually has a range of 8000 kilometers and that India has downplayed the capacity of Agni V. Agni missile series remains the most accurate ballistic missiles in world.

10. Talk of missiles and India possesses BrahMos – world’s fastest cruise missile with a speed of 2.8 Mach. But India didn’t stop there. Currently BrahMos II is under development with a speed of Mach 7 and increased range. Both BrahMos and BrahMos II are a result of joint venture between India and Russia.

Facts about India: 11-15

11. Okay, out from space and defense, did you know that the very first bureau of fingerprints was created in India? The exact location was Kolkata!

12. Did you know, the Indian Armed Forces, which is, till date, world’s largest volunteer army controls the world’s highest battlefield. That battlefield is Siachen Glacier which is at a height of 20,000 feet above sea level (average altitude).

13. Did you know India has always been the top contributor to the UN Peacekeeping Forces? Currently India takes the second spot in number of troops deployed for the purpose. The number stands at 6,748. The only country that trumps India in this matter is Ethiopia which has deployed 7,944 troops. Where does US and UK stand? Can you guess? US has deployed ZERO (0) troops and UK gives only 695 troops. Big Brothers!! You can find the complete list here.

14. Have you heard of HAWS? Well, it stands for High Altitude Warfare School – one of the best of its category in entire world. Countries like USA, Germany, UK etc. send their armed forces to train in this school. What does this school specialize in? As the name suggests – high altitude warfare and winter warfare. Those guys who control the Siachen Glacier (yes, our beloved armed forces) are also trained here. Only armed forces of friendly countries are trained here.

15. And then… there is CIJWS (Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School) of Indian Armed Forces. Where does it stand in terms of quality? It is world number 1 and armed forces from countries like Bangladesh, France, Israel, UK, Russia, Nepal, Singapore, United States, Bhutan etc. all train at this school. No one does it better that CIJWS.

Facts about India: 16-20

16. Let’s talk Rockets of Mysore. You must have heard of British East India Company and you must have heard of Tipu Sultan of Mysore. They were arch rivals and it was Tipu Sultan who pioneered and gave the modern warfare rockets (well, the foundation stone actually). Before Tipu, the Chinese back in 13th century used rockets and then came along the Mughals who too used rockets back in 15th century. However, those rockets were made using cardboard and weren’t really effective. So, rockets were soon discarded with the advent of canons and various forms of artillery that were far more accurate.

17. Tipu Sultan however made use of soft iron hammered into tubes and put gun powder in them. He then fastened the tubes with bamboo poles and swords. These rockets earned the capacity of traveling up to two kilometers and had very superior burst strength. The rockets were capable of traveling many meters high in air and then shoot to great distances. The attached sword gave the double whammy. These rockets became known as Mysore Rockets and were extensively used by Tipu Sultan during Battle of Pollilur in 1780 to give a humiliating defeat to the British. It was the second Anglo-Mysore war.

18. Arthur Wellesley – the person who later defeated Napoleon Bonaparte – faced these rockets during fourth Anglo-Mysore war. Arthur, never in his life before, faced rockets of any kind and was so scared of these rockets that he simply flee from the battlefield. However, when Tipu Sultan eventually died and Srirangapatna was eventually seized, the British captured the used rockets and sent them back to Woolwich’s Royal Artillery Museum where these rockets were reverse engineered by a man named William Congreve. He studied stability and recoil of the rockets, used Newton’s law, came up with collapsible launching frames and finally gave what is known as Congreve Rockets. These rockets were then used by Arthur Wellesley to defeat Napoleon Bonaparte.

19. Did you know that Tipu Sultan actually had 4 technology parks set up only for the study and betterment of these Mysore Rockets? Those technology parks were located at Nagara, Chitradurga, Masjid Road in Bangalore and Srirangapatna. The people who were commissioned for the task (the engineers) made a great deal of advancement and perfected the basic launch calculations, rocket weight, elevation with respect to objects’ size and distance.

20. Wallops Flight Facility of NASA, which is located at Virginia actually has a painting which shows those rockets being used on British Army by Tipu Sultan’s army during the second Anglo-Mysore war. There are still 2 working specimen of Mysore Rockets at Woolwich’s Royal Artillery Museum.

And you people thought India was not advanced… pity!