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Looking for facts about hot dogs? Well, what are you waiting for? Dig in and start reading!

No doubt it seems very easy to grab a hot dog and rush to our work. But, is it really good to be so dependent on this food every now and then?

Is there anything that we should be happy or worried to know about the hot dogs? Would you like to know some quick facts about hot dog?

Facts about Hot Dog: 1-5

1. A hot dog is actually a cooked sausage with lots of flavor variations. The sausage used for hot dogs is not the usual one though. It’s slightly smaller than the regular ones.

2. What is a sausage made of? Well, mostly animal meat is used to prepare it. Hot dog makers use chicken, pork or beef meat, turkey, meat substitutes for the vegetarians, garlic, salt, paprika and other spices and binders as ingredients.

3. It’s often thought that a German Butcher named Charles Feltman opened the first hot dog stand in 1871. Initially, people used to eat hot dogs with normal breads.

4. There are rumors that the sausage makers used dog meat as a main ingredient of hot dog in 1845.

5. What are the health effects of this food? It’s not a very good thing to know that eating hot dogs too frequently is not good for health as it can cause colorectal cancer.

Facts about Hot Dog: 6-10

6. The processed meat used in the hot dog can cause early death.

7. The excessive fat proportion of hot dog is also associated with obesity.

8. According to a latest report from the American Institute for Cancer Research, consumers who ate one hot dog every day had almost 20 percent higher risk of developing colorectal cancer.

9. Remember that if you’ve high blood pressure, you might like to avoid it because hot dogs have a very high amount of sodium and fat.

10. Did you know the world’s longest hot dog was 60 meters long?

Facts about Hot Dog: 11-15

11. World’s most expensive hot dog was sold at a price of $145.49.

12. Did you know that hot dogs are also identified as frankfurters or weiners?

13. It’s not clear where the idea of hot dog came from. People have different stories about them.

14. According to Harry M. Stevens, his vendors used to sell German sausages at the New York Polo Grounds. He used to call it Dachshund sandwiches. A New Yorker cartoonist couldn’t spell the name Dachshund properly and so named it hot dogs.

15. Some companies use sodium nitrate in the hot dogs to protect them against bacterial infection. It’s used as a food preservative.

Facts about Hot Dog: 16-20

16. However, the fact that sodium nitrate can turn into a cancer causing chemical when it breaks down in the stomach is very disturbing.

17. It’s funny to know that hot dogs are one of the NASA approved foods. Yes, NASA has approved it as space food.

18. Some people say that it’s good not to use fork while cooking hot dog. Don’t worry, there is nothing suspicious about it. It’s just because if you pierce the hot dog with a fork, it can lose moisture and the natural juices.

19. It has been seen that mustard is the most favorite hot dog topping among adults. Children like ketchup instead.

20. The consumption rate of hot dog is too high in America. Calculations say that almost 818 hot dogs are consumed every second there.

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