Bacon is kind of a must have food in the English speaking countries. It’s often served in the breakfast. What are they actually? What nutritional elements they have? Why not find out the top 20 facts about Bacon here?

Facts about Bacon: 1-5

1. Bacons are meat products. They are made of cured pig meat.

2. Bacon gets through a very specific processing method before you actually get to eat it. Usually, the pig meat used in the bacon is cured through very high quantity of salt.

3. After curing it with salt, a food manufacturer may decide to process it three ways – they can boil it, dry the bacon in cold air or smoke it.

4. Boiled bacon are usually considered ready to eat, while dried bacon might need little bit cooking.

5. Bacon is made from the side and back cuts pork meat. The taste and flavor of the meat is generally better.

Facts about Bacon: 6-10

6. People eat it in several ways. Smoked, boiled, fried or grilled bacon can be used to make tasty dishes. You can add some other ingredients to make a dish of your taste.

7. As for nutrition, 20 grams of bacon might contain 5.4 grams fat and 4.4 grams protein. If you’re eating four pieces of bacon, this means you are having around 800 mg sodium and 1.92 grams salt.

8. The cooking process and the cut of the meat decide how much fat and protein the bacon might contain.

9. Although bacon made of pig meat is most popular, chicken, lamb, goat, beef and turkey can be used to make its great replacements.

10. As Jewish and Muslims don’t eat pork meat, they prefer the replacements over the regular ones.

Facts about Bacon: 11-15

11. Bacon is so popular in the America that many bacon flavored products have started gaining huge popularity.

12. Most salable bacon flavored products are bacon toothpaste, bacon peanut brittle, bacon dental floss, bacon popcorn, bacon vodka, bacon mints, etc.

13. Salty bacon bits are generally used as salad and roasted potato topping, they are made of crumbled pieces of bacon.

14. Sometimes turkey bacon is also used as a replacement of real bacon. They are generally healthier than the regular bacon.

15. Some critics believe that few manufacturers don’t have a good pig farming process as they doubt they mistreat the pigs during the farming process, which can hugely impact the nutritional components of the meat.

Facts about Bacon: 16-20

16. Depending on the cut of the meat, taste and flavor of the bacon can vary. You’ll get side bacon, middle bacon, slab bacon, back bacon, cottage bacon, etc.

17. The food processing system is raising health safety concerns. The large amount of manure and the fume released during the process is highly toxic by nature and can cause health problems.

18. Pig farming is a huge industry in China. Almost half of the world’s pigs come from the China.

19. The biggest concern with pig farming in China is that there are some serious sanitation issues involved in the farming process.

20. Bacon is generally a compulsory part of English breakfast. It’s served with eggs and sausages.

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