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Lovely apple pies are just awesome to have as desserts. Kids love them. You can make it in various ways. Its taste and flavor can be changed according to your preference.

It doesn’t have any such bad reactions on health. However, can there be any surprising element related to this food item? Why not find out the top 20 facts about apple pie today?

Facts about Apple Pie: 1-5

1. According to the common consensus, apple pie is an invention of England. It’s almost a six hundred years old food item.

2. Some sources also say that the first pie was made in Egypt in 9500 B.C.

3. Apple pie lovers generally love this delicious dish accompanied with ice creams. There is something unique about this taste combination.

4. Apple pie is more like a comfort food.

5. People make modifications to this dessert item as per taste preferences. For example, earlier Americans liked apple pies that used to have a take-off crust.

Facts about Apple Pie: 6-10

6. They first used to bake the apple in the crust and then remove the crust. Sugar and spices were added as per taste.

7. Although Apple pie is a widely admired food item in America, it’s gaining huge popularity in several other regions of the world.

8. Making crust of the apple pie is quite tricky. An ideal amount of flour and water has to be used to make the light and flaky crust. Some bakers use egg crusts to make it richer in taste.

9. Different bakers follow different approaches to make the crust of the apple pie.

10. Some professionals cook the bottom of the crust first to prevent it from getting soggy. Some others don’t follow the process.

Facts about Apple Pie: 11-15

11. Apart from apples, other fruits like apricot, blackberries and strawberries can also be used as the filling. They will definitely give a different flavor to the pie.

12. Similarly, spices like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar can be used for taste variations.

13. Do you know some cooks like to prepare apple pie open? They believe the design and arrangements of apple and other fruits can make the pie look visually elegant and aesthetic.

14. Cooking professionals now prefer adding sugar to apple pies. But earlier, recipes didn’t have that ingredient. Sugar used to be very expensive at that time.

15. Ingredients used in the Dutch style apple pie are different. They use cinnamon and lemon juice in the pie to make it taste better.

Facts about Apple Pie: 16-20

16. The Swedish apple pie resembles to apple crumble. Lots of bread crumbs are used instead of flour.

17. The Swedish apple pie is flavored with cinnamon and they love to eat this with custard and ice cream.

18. Do you know some people used to prepare mock apple pies earlier, which they thought tasted very similar to the real apple pie?

19. They used crackers and some special spices to make it taste similar to the apple pies.

20. The name of Granny Smith is also associated with this food. She was a farmer and it’s believed she developed a very new type of apple, when her apple pie already became widely popular.

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