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20 Crazy Japan Facts You Will Love

Still hungry for crazy Japan facts? May be, may be not! But, we are still going to give you another list of Japan facts and information. As before, we promise that the list we are going to provide will be fun and interesting and not some boring stuff that will make you repent! Okay, enough of opening rant. Let’s get started…

Crazy Japan Facts: 1-5

1. Love rabbits and wondering where to find hundreds of them? Plan a trip to Japan and visit one particular island name Okunoshima. Wondering why there are so many rabbits? They were brought there during the World War II for poison gas effects testing.

2. Sumo wrestling is Japan is as old as 1,500 years. These wrestlers usually have a weight of 300 pounds or above.

3. Young sumo wrestlers train in stables or rooms that are known as heya. Heyas are owned by former champions of the sport of Sumo.

4. Now this one is disgusting. The young and aspiring sumo wrestlers really get a tough time in there because they are required to clean difficult-to-reach parts of the veteran wrestlers. Actually, the rookies clean every part of the bodies of veterans including those private parts.

5. Japan has a large number of Love Hotels. You get it right? Yes, they are short-stay hotels and are meant exclusively for love making. The amorous couples usually make their way into these hotels because they don’t find an appropriate place to get a little physical. These Love Hotels display a love symbol for being identified.

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Crazy Japan Facts: 6-10

6. Japan was the birth place for insanely popular Hello Kitty. In 1974, Hello Kitty was launched as plastic coin purse and then it grew so much that today, there are more than 20,000 products branded with Hello Kitty. Japanese however prefer the name Kitty Chan.

7. In Japan, you don’t slurp noodles while eating will simply mean that you will make the chef feel bad. The chef will think that the noodle served is not only not delicious but also not hot. Yes, slurping means it is delicious and also the act helps to cool down the noodles as they enter the mouth.

8. Snow monkeys or Japanese macaques are fabled. No, it is not that they don’t exist but it is believed that they don’t see, hear or speak evil. They live farther north compared to any known monkey in world. These fabled monkeys are found in northern Honshu.

9. When it comes to manufacturing automobiles, Japan leads the world. Toyota – a Japanese automobile maker is third largest producer in world.

10. Toyota was founded by a person called Kiichiro Toyoda. He decided to replace ‘da’ with ‘ta’ simply because it sounded clearer. Also, in order to write Toyota, one needs to use 8 strokes in Katakana script. 8 is considered lucky number by Japanese people.

Crazy Japan Facts: 11-15

11. Japan has a really crazy festival known as Hadaka Matsuri. It means Naked Festival. Well, the popular belief is that naked men have higher ability of absorbing evil spirits. So, thousands of Japanese men hit the roads and strip themselves almost naked (just keeping their manhood hidden). They then compete for good luck charms.

12. At 12,388 feet, Mt. Fuji stands as tallest Japanese mountain. Also known as Fujiyama, Mt. Fuji is sacred for Japanese people and at least a million Japanese scale the mountain between July and August – the official season for climbing.

13. Japan practiced inbreeding of dogs. Such widespread was the practice that Japan ended up being at world’s top when it comes to canine genetic defects rates!

14. Horace Wilson – an American teacher who visited Japan, introduced the game of baseball. It then became Japan’s most popular sport and it goes by the name yakyū. Want to know how popular the game is? Just tune into national TV channel of Japan and you can see live telecast of high school baseball games.

15. The Tale of Genji is acknowledged as world’s first ever novel. Murasaki Shikibu was the noble woman who wrote it all the way back in early 11th century. However, it is still waiting to be termed as ‘classic’.

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Crazy Japan Facts: 16-20

16. In Japan, don’t be surprised to see that high rise buildings don’t have a fourth floor or don’t be surprised if you don’t see sake and tea sets sold with 5 cups. The reason is that four in Japanese is Shi, which sounds more like death and hence, they avoid the number. Also, in tea ceremonies, it is expected that guests will arrive in odd numbers (3 or 5).

17. The blowfish, which is known to have a lethal poison is called as Fugu in Japan. It is necessary that the chef who prepares it must be professional with a proper license and training. Yes, this is law.

18. Japan has outlawed the emperor and also the entire imperial family from eating Fugu. Commoners who eat Fugu usually prefer the months of January to March because it is believed that Fugu is least poisonous during those months.

19. Bugaku and gagaku – dance form and orchestra respectively, of the imperial court of Japan are considered as world’s oldest and continuous dance and music tradition.

20. The current imperial family of the nation has an unbroken lineage history of 2,000 years. Yes, not other imperial family has taken that position for so long. Jimmu Tennō, who was the first emperor from this family ruled when Christ was born!

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