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20 Cool Apple Fruit Facts You Should Know

We have already done two articles on apple fruit facts. However, we decided to go for a third one because the previous two weren’t enough for covering all the facts. This article on apple fruit facts in particular will focus on those facts which are specific to USA, well, most of them! So, if you are from USA, you are going to find this article pretty interesting. Let’s start:

Interesting Apple Fruit Facts: 1-10

1. The fear of apples is known as Malusdomesticaphobia. People fear apples, really?

2. North America has only one native apple. It is known as the Crabapple.

3. Michigan’s state flower is…guess, guess… you can’t? It is apple blossom.

4. Of the total 7,500 apple variants grown worldwide, 2,500 variants are grown in USA.

5. Of the 2,500 variants, only 100 variants are produced for commercial purpose!

6. Apples are grown in all 50 American states.

7. As we said, there are many varieties of apples and their sizes differ too. The smallest is the size of a grape. The largest is of the size of grapefruit.

8. 3 pounds is the weight of the largest apple that was ever picked!

9. The only reason apples are capable of growing farther north is that they prevent frost damage. Why so? Because apples blossom in late spring and are harvested in autumn.

10. The typical size of an apple orchard in America is 50 acres.

Interesting Apple Fruit Facts: 11-20

11. In United States, apple is the second most valuable fruit. What is the first one? The oranges!

12. 1998 saw the largest apple crop in USA. Total harvest was 277.3 million cartons.

13. United States ranks second in apple production worldwide. The first position is taken by China. Third, fourth and fifth positions are taken respectively by Turkey, Poland and Italy.

14. The first apple nursery to be opened in USA was in 1730. It was in New York’s Flushing.

15. Pruning or trimming his apple trees was the hobby of George Washington.

16. The longest-lived apple tree of USA was planted in 1647. It was hit by a derailed train in 1866 and died. Till then it was still bearing fruits. The tree was in Manhattan Orchard of Peter Stuyvesant.

17. New York and Washington are the two top apple producing states of USA.

18. USA has an apple promotion month and is known as National Apple Month. It started off as National Apple Week in 1904 but later was expanded to 3 weeks and the window is from September to November.

19. Goldrush Apple became Illinois’s state fruit in 2007 on 21st

20. Many apple orchards actually make use of dwarf apple trees. The reason is easy maintenance and harvest.

Bonus Apple Fruit Facts

  • Apple helps to whiten teeth because it contains malic acid – the same chemical used in products designed for teeth whitening.
  • There are 10 seeds on an average in a typical apple.
  • Apple seeds contain cyanide. Don’t worry! Consuming apple seeds will not kill you because the body is capable of metabolizing small amounts of cyanide. In order to die eating apple seeds, you need to eat a lot of apple seeds…a lot!
  • The most widely grown apple variety in USA is Red Delicious. The other two popular variants are Granny Smith and Golden Delicious.
  • A typical apple tree can live for over a 100 years.
  • After apples are harvested, natural wax is applied on them for two reasons. First, it makes them look shinier and second, it prevents bacterial growth too. Also, the wax prevents quick ripening.

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