20 Bizarre Japan Facts One Should Really Know

by Sankalan Baidya
bizarre japan facts

Just when you start thinking that the last set of facts about Japan were insane, we present to you another set that’s far more insane. Yes, this list of 20 bizarre Japan facts might make you gasp for air because they are too unlikely to be true. Weirdly however, they are true! So, let’s begin with the list, shall we?

Bizarre Japan Facts: 1-5

1. Everyone has tasted Fanta at least once (may be some didn’t). But, did you even know that Fanta has 70 different flavors for Japanese people? Three of those flavors are – ‘Hip Hop’, ‘Genius Energy’ and ‘The Mystery Fruit’. Source

2. Hikikomori – that’s a condition where people suffer from health and social problems. Hikikomori is a result of Japanese people locking up themselves in there bedrooms for several years. There are about 1 million Japanese people who suffer from this condition. Source

3. An earthquake of magnitude 9.0-9.1 close to Japan actually increased the speed of Earth’s rotation by 1.8 micro seconds. This earthquake took place in 2011. Source

4. You can say ‘sorry’ to someone in Japan in 20 different ways. Source

5. The areas of Japan which were struck by Tsunami in 2011 were found to have ancient tablets with inscriptions reading “DO NOT BUILD YOUR HOUSES BELOW THIS POINT”. Source

Bizarre Japan Facts: 6-10

6. Suicide is the leading cause of death in Japan for men belonging to the age group of 20 to 44. Source

7. The first Frenchman who went to Japan and tried preaching Christianity was imprisoned and then tortured and killed. The man’s name was Guillaume Courtet. Source

8. Japan has a Snoopy Museum. The museum opened in 2016. Source

9. 83.7 years – that is the average life expectancy in Japan. That’s highest in entire world. Source

10. People who descended from Samurai are still considered as elite even 140 years after the order actually came to an end. Source

Bizarre Japan Facts: 11-15

11. Clergy and Buddhist Samurai had homosexual relationship in Japan and that was quite common. Source

12. There is a village in Japan called Nagoro. In that village, the number of people are outnumbered by the number of life-sized dolls! Source

13. In Japan, you should not give tip to any waiter who servers you. That’s the story of every single restaurant you walk into. Giving tip is considered very rude. Source

14. A little over 25% of unmarried males (who belong to the age group of 30 to 40) in Japan are virgins. Source

15. Japan has second-lowest homicide rate. The lowest is in Iceland. The likelihood of a Japanese being gunned down is just as much as the likelihood of an American by taken down by a lightning strike! Source

Bizarre Japan Facts: 16-20

16. There are 24-hour Internet cafés in Japan where homeless people in Tokyo prefer to sleep. That’s because, renting a house is costlier than those cafés. Source

17. Hajimi Fuji who was Kumagaya Army Aviation School’s instructor actually became a volunteer for Kamikaze – a suicide mission during WWII. However, his application was not accepted. The reason was that he had a family which included his wife and two daughters. His wife drowned her two daughters and then drowned herself so that Hajimi Fuji could go on the mission. Source

18. There are McRefugees in Japan. These are the people who stay in McDonalds’ restaurants which have a policy of ‘doors are always open’. Source

19. Of the four modern countries that Europe never colonized, Japan is one of them. The other three are Liberia, Thailand and Korea. Source

20. Fish hooks as old as 23,000 years were found in a Japanese cave. They are oldest known fish hooks. Source

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