20 Birthday Facts That You Didn’t Know!

Today is our 2nd birthday (technically it was 13th of April when we created our first post but we consider it as 30th April because that’s when we submitted our website to Google for indexing for the first time) and hence, we decided to do this article on birthday facts. We all celebrate birthdays, throw parties, enjoy great food and spend some quality time with family and friends. However, we always focus on the birthday celebrations (which is definitely what we should do) and never think of interesting birthday facts in general. In this article, we will give you some of the most mind-boggling facts about birthdays that will excite you. So, if you are ready, let us begin!

Interesting Birthday Facts: 1-10

1. If we take account of all birthdays in a year all over the world, which month do you think will have the maximum number of birthday celebrations? Any guesses? Well, it is August!

2. So, precisely what percentage of total birthdays are celebrated in August? 9% of all birthdays in the world in a given year!

3. The other two months that follow August closely in terms of number of birthdays celebrated in a month are July and September.

4. Throughout the world, every single year, 2 billion + birthday cards are sent. Well, that may be quite less considering the total number of people living on earth but we need to consider the fact that birthday cards aren’t popular everywhere in world.

5. Birthday cards are extremely popular in US though. Why so? That’ because 58% of all cards that are purchased in US are actually birthday cards!

6. If you think you are a spoiled brat and you spend enormous amounts of money on your birthday celebrations, think again! You can’t compete with Sultan of Brunei. The party he threw on his 50th birthday had cost him $27.2 million (we are speaking of US Dollars).

7. So, where and how did he spend so much money. Well, we can’t give you penny-to-penny details but yes, he organized for 3 concerts, all of which featured Michael Jackson. Those three concerts collectively cost him $16 million. Rest of the money was spent for other stuff of course.

8. Anne Frank’s diary – we have read of it or at least heard of it. It is world famous. Did you know it was actually her birthday present that she got on her 13th birthday?

9. One of the most popular figures in world who died on his birthday was William Shakespeare. Did you know that he died on the very day he turned 52 years old? He was born on April 23, 1564 and he died on April 23, 1616.

10. There is something known as Golden Birthday. Every single person has this birthday. Do you know which birthday is that? Well, it can never be greater than 31st birthday and it can never be smaller than 1st birthday. Can you guess now? Let us clarify. Golden Birthday is that birthday when a person’s date of birth and his or her age is exactly the same. This means that if a person’s date of birth is say 14th of a month and he or she turns 14, his or her 14th birthday will be the Golden Birthday.

Interesting Birthday Facts: 11-20

In this section we will take a look at some really weird birthday facts. As a matter of fact, they are so weird that they will leave you wondering if they are even close to being true!

11. Since you last celebrated your birthday till the time you celebrate your next birthday, your nails will grow by nearly 4 centimeters and your hair will grow by nearly 12 centimeters.

12. Since you last celebrated your birthday till the time you celebrate your next birthday, this entire world would have experienced at least 50,000 earthquakes.

13. Again, during the same period, the whole world will have experienced a population growth of 76,570,430. Yes, that many new babies will be born!

14. Did you know that Earth travels around our Sun at a speed of 66,780 miles every hour? At that speed, the earth will have actually covered a total distance of 584,337,600 miles around our Sun with the time between your last birthday celebration and next birthday celebration.

15. Did you know that garden snails have average speed of 0.03 miles an hour? So, if a snail were to keep moving non-stop since your last birthday celebration till your next birthday celebration, it would cover 263 miles. You can cover that distance with just 3 days of non-stop walking.

16. Did you know that since you last celebrated your birthday till the time you celebrate your next birthday, your heart will have pumped 2,688,000 liters of blood throughout your body? Just to be clear, an average human body has only about 5 liters of blood and the total volume of blood pumped by the heart is actually the repeat counting of how many times this whole blood is pumped by the heart in an hour.

17. How many times do you think will you breathe within the same time frame? That’s a whopping 10,512,000 breaths! Remember that on an average a person breaths only 20 times a minutes.

18. Let’s get back to our heart again. We know that it beats and the average rate is around 72 beats a minute. At that rate, since your last birthday celebrations to your next birthday celebrations, your heart will beat about 42,075,900 times.

19. We all get dreams. Some we remember, some we don’t. But in the time since your last birthday to the time you celebrate your next birthday, how many dreams will you get? Well, not many actually. It will be nearly 1,460 dreams.

20. Also, between that time, you will have actually lived a total of 31,536,000 seconds! This is pretty simple isn’t it? Just do the simple math!

Bonus Birthday Facts:

(a). There are many birthday cards which when opened, play a song or a music. These cards use far more computing power compared what was actually used for sending man on moon!

(b). Throughout 19th century and also during early part of the 20th century, 21st birthday was kind of special. Why? That’s because person on that day would have his all natural teeth removed from his mouth only to be replaced by dentures. That’s weird but the idea was to cut down dental treatment expenses as the person aged! That’s ridiculous but true!

(c). There is something called Newtonmas (a sort of Christmas) and its official symbol is an apple. We hope you understand where this is going! Well, 25th December is considered as Isaac Newton’s birthday as per Julian Calendar and on that day, people actually celebrate Newtonmas by decorating apple trees and exchanging lecture tickets, lecture CDs and books.

Well, that’s pretty much all of it. If you know any more interesting birthday facts, do let us know through the comments section. And once again, on our second birthday, we want to give our heartfelt thanks to you for being our loyal readers.

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