20 Awesome Japan Facts You Should Know

by Sankalan Baidya
japan facts

Japan facts, huh? Many of us already know a few tidbits about Japan. For example, Sumo, Anime, Godzilla, Sushi and more. Well, those are open facts that almost every corner of the world is aware of. However, this list of bizarre Japan facts will change the way you look at Japan. This incredible Asian country has so many surprises up its sleeve that even the most eminent cultural gurus will be baffled. So, let us embark on a list of incredible and truly awesome facts about Japan that will be fun to read…

Awesome Japan Facts: 1-5

1. Only in 2015 did Japan legalize late-night dancing! The ban was placed after WWII and lasted for 67 years. It was removed because Japan is going to host 2020 Olympics.Source

2. 1,500 – that’s the number of earthquakes that hit Japan every year on an average. Source

3. How many people do you find around you every day those who are above 100 years of age? In Japan, you might find one in a random family you walk into. There are more than 50,000 men and women in Japan who have hit a century and still continuing. Source

4. Kongō Gumi Co., Ltd. – this was the longest-running company not just in Japan but also in whole world. The company started back in 578 CE (6th century) and was liquidated in 2006. It started even before Islam was born! Source

5. Japan is an archipelago – a conglomerate of islands. Do you know how many islands make up Japan? 6,852 islands! Source

Awesome Japan Facts: 6-10

6. 18 seconds – that is the maximum delay a train in Japan will make. That’s the type of punctuality that Japanese trains have. Source

7. Farmers in Japan grow watermelons that have a square shape. The reason for such unusual shape is that the square shape allows easy stacking and storage. Source

8. Number of pets in Japan outnumber the number of children in the country. Source

9. Birth rate in Japan is so low that the number of adult diapers sold in the country per year, outnumbers the number of baby diapers sold. Source

10. All the adoptions that take place in Japan, 98% that are adopted are actually Male Adults! The reason for this is that Japanese families believe in keeping their family businesses within the families. If a girl gets the business, she will marry and the business will shift to another family. Source

Awesome Japan Facts: 11-15

11. Masabumi Hosono was a Japanese who was traveling on RMS Titanic that sank on her maiden voyage. This man survived that fateful night and returned to Japan only to be condemned as coward by both Japanese people and Japanese Government for not going down with the ship! Source

12. Japanese youth like to use their mobile phones even in their showers. That’s the reason why, of all mobile phones sold in Japan, 90% are waterproof. Source

13. Japan has cat cafés. 58 of them actually! Here one can simply walk in and have a coffee while hanging out with the cuddly cats. Similarly, rabbit cafés are also there. Source

14. Can you guess how many vending machines are present in Japan? 5.52 million! Food, drinks, cigarettes, condoms, daily sundries… they vend a wide range of things. Even cold or hot coffee. Source

15. In Japan, you can take a quick nap in office. Sleeping during work is often looked upon as exhaustion caused by hard work and no one will actually fire you. Source

Awesome Japan Facts: 16-20

16. During World War II, Japan was really ruthless. She actually bombed China with fleas that were deliberately infected with bubonic plague – the same thing that caused Black Death. Source

17. Russia and Japan are yet to sign peace treaty for formally ending WWII. The dispute is over Kuril Islands. Source

18. There are no janitors in Japanese schools. In order to teach children the importance of cleanliness, schools have a rule where students and teachers need to work together to clean cafeterias and classrooms. Source

19. Japanese killed more Chinese people during WWII that the number of Jews killed during the infamous Holocaust. Source

20. In 1997, an intense episode of pokemon was aired. The episode was called “Dennō Senshi Porygon”. It was so intense that after the episode, 685 kids had to be rushed to hospitals because they were attacked by seizures, vomiting and dizziness. Source

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Victoria February 28, 2019 - 5:08 am

Woah wow….i never knew that!!! Pokemon is just a cartoon!its not even real or interesting how did kids have seizures over it!?!?!?

Victoria February 28, 2019 - 5:09 am

Very goo writing amd work tho! 🙂 Big help!


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