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20 Amazing and Surprising Mobile Phone Facts

The mobile phone facts that you learn in this article will leave you surprised. Why so? You will get to know as you start reading this article. We are super excited to write them down. So, instead of wasting time in writing crap, let us start right away.

Amazing and Surprising Mobile Phone Facts: 1-5

1. 6.8 billion people live on this planet named Earth. Only 3.5 billion of them use toothbrushes. But, 4 billion use mobile phones.

2. 91% of all adult users of mobile phones keep their phones within arms reach for 24 hours a day.

3. In America, internet is accessed only through mobile phones by 25% of the mobile users of the nation.

4. There are 5 times more mobile phones present in this world than PCs.

5. 82% of adults in America own and use a mobile phone.

Amazing and Surprising Mobile Phone Facts: 6-10

6. In UK 51% of all mobile subscribes have smartphones. In US however, this percentage is 49%.

7. 90% of all text message received are read within 3 minutes of delivery.

8. The smartphone that you are using now has more computing power than computers that aided Apollo 11 moon landing.

9. Mobile phones went on sale in 1983 in the US. Price? Nearly $4,000 each.

10. In 2012, 340,000 iPhones were sold by Apple every single day.

Amazing and Surprising Mobile Phone Facts: 11-15

11. Compared to toilet handles, mobile phones have 18X more bacteria.

12. 90% of all cellphones used in Japan are waterproof. The reason is weird. Youngsters user their phones in shower and hence, waterproof phones.

13. Radiations from a mobile phone can lead to health conditions like confusion, headache and insomnia.

14. Urine can be used for charging cellphones. Scientists have come up with a method of doing so.

15. Martin Cooper was the first man to make a call using mobile phone. He did that in 1973. In case you don’t know, he was actually an inventor in Motorola.

Amazing and Surprising Mobile Phone Facts: 16-20

16. iPhone from Apple has greater sale than everything from Microsoft combined.

17. If you are afraid of losing your phone’s signal or losing your mobile phone, it is known as Nomophobia.

18. Did you ever own a Nokia 1100 mobile phone? 250 million units of the phone were sold. This makes the device to be best selling gadget in history of all electronic devices.

19. In Britain 100,000 mobiles are dropped into the toilet by their users every year.

20. There are more people in this world with cell phones than toilets.

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