So, we heard about bacon. What is this Bresaola? Is this something similar to bacon? Well, bacon is mostly made of pig meat, Bresaola is not.

What is it then? How we can use it? How healthy is it? Too many questions? Here you can find the top 18 facts about Bresaola if you like:

Facts about Bresaola: 1-6

1. So, what is this? It’s a salt cured beef item. It’s a very old food specialty of Italy. It is actually an antipasto, which is the Italian for appetizer.

2. Because it’s less fatty, means more healthy.

3. Bresaola is made from single muscle of the beef. It’s a safe food choice as the inside of the meat never gets exposed to the air, which keeps the chances of bacterial infection low.

4. Although it’s made of meat product, it doesn’t contain the fat portion of the pig meat, which is its belly. That’s a great relief.

5. The slice of the beef, however, needs a very strict trimming process to maintain its rich taste.

6. Which portion of the beef meat is used to prepare the food item? It’s mainly the legs of the beef. The processing method includes curing the meat first to get rid of the excess fat if there is any. It is then seasoned with salt and spices like bay leaves, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cinnamon, nutmeg and juniper berries.

Facts about Bresaola: 7-12

7. It’s dried over three or four months before finally releasing for packaging method.

8. There is something really unique about its taste. Bresaola tastes great when it’s plain. Some people like to eat it at the room temperature or lightly chilled.

9. Anyway, you can prepare it several ways. For example, some people try to add some extra fragrance to it by adding olive oil, black pepper or lemon juice.

10. The biggest advantage of having this food is its health benefits. It doesn’t have fat like food recipes made of pork meat.

11. You don’t have to compromise your health to satisfy your taste buds, unlike the other cured meat products.

12. It’s said the bigger the piece of the meat, which is going to be used in the Bresaola, the more time the curing process is going to take.

Facts about Bresaola: 13-18

13. When the meat is cured, the half of the meat weight is lost. The drying and curing process makes it lose the maximum of its water and fat weight.

14. So, if you are on a fitness regimen, can you afford to eat it? The first things you should remember about it is that it’s made of 98 percent lean meat, it’s sweet and tender. So yes, you can eat it!

15. You can buy the cut of the meat and cure it at home to ensure quality. It’s quite simple.

16. When you go to shop, make sure you ask for the main muscle to have the best part of the beef.

17. One of the interesting facts about Bresaola is that the US has banned the import of Italian beef because of European mad cow disease outbreak.

18. Now the beef used in the Bresaola come from the cattle raised in South America.

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