Are you bored of reading serious stuff? If yes, it is time to take a quick break! Here is a massive list of 160 awesome random facts that you must read now.

We promise, you are going to love them all! Just to inform you, we deliberately excluded the sources, because providing 160 external links for 160 facts isn’t really a healthy practice for any website.

You can run a quick Google search to get the source for every fact you read on this list!

So, without further ado, let’s begin…

Awesome Random Facts: 1-10

1. Every summer, the Eiffel Tower grows 15 centimeters taller.

2. A 72,437-foot smiley face is the largest painting on planet Earth!

3. Boys have less taste buds than girls.

4. Teeth of beavers never stop growing.

5. There is enough iron in an average human body to make a 3″ nail.

6. Sharks slip into a coma if they turn upside down.

7. 141,078 years – that was the longest jail sentence ever!

8. The seahorse is the slowest fish on Earth!

9. Neanderthals used to have bigger brains that humans.

10. In 1938, Hitler was voted as Man of the Year by Times Magazine.

Awesome Random Facts: 11-20

11. In Virginia, chickens are not allowed to lay eggs before 8:00 AM and they must lay eggs before 4:00 PM!

12. Apples are far more effective than coffee in waking us up in the morning.

13. Turtles can breathe through their bums!

14. Looking at something pleasant will dilate our pupils by 45%.

15. One iPhone can be completely charged using 595 oranges.

16. Earthworms have up to 9 hearts.

17. Giraffes use their 18” long tongue to clean their ears.

18. There are some ribbon worms that eat up themselves in case they don’t find any food.

19. The great Columbus once thought that the Earth was pear-shaped.

20. Nintendo once had a taxi company! They owned it.

Awesome Random Facts: 21-30

21. Butterfly was originally known as Flutterfly.

22. The world’s oldest dog was 29 years old when it died.

23. Men get struck by lightning more than women!

24. The strongest substances in entire human body are the teeth.

25. Blue moon comes only once in every 2.7 years.

26. The fear of going to bed is known as clinophobia.

27. Honey is the only food that never rots!

28. More money was spent in creating the movie ‘Titanic’ than that spent building the ship itself.

29. The original name of Google was BACKRUB!

30. We can understand any messed up sentence if the first and the last words are in place.

Awesome Random Facts: 31-40

31. Elvis was born blond.

32. ‘I’m Fine’ is the commonest lie.

33. The first product ever to have a barcode was Wrigley’s gum.

34. A newborn baby Kangaroo can fit in a teaspoon.

35. Koala bears spend only 22 hours a day sleeping!

36. Women cry 4 times more compared to men.

37. There was a headless chicken named Mike that survived for 18 months after its head was cut off.

38. The Beetle car was an idea originally conceived by Adolf Hitler.

39. In 1830’s Ketchup was actually sold as medicine.

40. The longest book title ever is made of 670 words.

Awesome Random Facts: 41-50

41. The largest choir ever was that of 160,000 people.

42. The fear of cooking is known as Mageirocophobia.

43. In ZZ Top, the only man without a beard has the last name ‘beard’.

44. Any average person consumes 35 tons of food in a lifetime.

45. A quarter cup sweat is produced by adult feet every single day.

46. You can warm up a cup of coffee by shouting at it. All you must do is shout for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days.

47. Diamonds can be made from Tequila. Drink! Drink Drink! It’s diamond!

48. The first every toy that was advertised on TV was Mr. Potato Head.

49. Of equal quantity of lemon and strawberries, lemon has more sugar!

50. The Statue of Liberty was intended for Egypt.

Awesome Random Facts: 51-60

51. The milk of hippopotamus is pink in color. Hippos have two natural sunscreens on their body one of which is orange in color and the other is red. When a mama hippo produces milk, it mixes with both acids and produces a pink hue.

52. In space, astronauts simply cannot cry.

53. Snails can sleep for 3 years straight.

54. Carrots were originally purple in color. The first orange-colored carrot was made in the 17th century by Dutch Farmers to honor King William.

55. An average man smiles only 8 times a day while an average woman smiles 62 times a day.

56. Humans see their noses at all times. It is just that the brain chooses to ignore it.

57. Women speak nearly 20,000 words a day while men are satisfied with 7,000.

58. The only vegetable which is also a flower is Broccoli.

59. French fries did not originate in France.

60. People who mostly complain about being lonely are mostly the people who deliberately select to stay lonely.

Awesome Random Facts: 61-70

61. The benefits of laughing for 15 minutes are the same as the benefits of sleeping for 2 hours.

62. When humans speak, the voice is changed by the extra bass that is created within the skull by resonance. Therefore, the recorded voice sounds different and unfamiliar, and no wonder humans hate to hear their own recorded voice. And yes, when others listen to it, they hear exactly the recorded voice.

63. Otters hold each other’s hands when they sleep so that they don’t drift away.

64. Flowers grow faster in presence of music.

65. An average person farts 14 times in a single day.

66. Tom and Jerry were originally named as Jasper and Jinx.

67. Heart disease is less common among religious people.

68. People who have just eaten bananas attract more mosquitoes than others.

69. In a psychology study it was found that singles see more happy couples and people in a relationship see more happy singles.

70. 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321. How cool is that?

Awesome Random Facts: 71-80

71. In ancient Japan, beauty standards were defined by three characteristics – plum body, puffy face and small eyes.

72. A male penguin, when falls in love with a female penguin, he will search the entire beach hunting for a perfect pebble that he will give as a gift to her.

73. Women have twice the number of pain receptors on their body compared to men, but they also have higher pain tolerance than men.

74. The heart of a woman always beats faster than the heart of a man.

75. People blushing easily are more often good lovers.

76. is the oldest domain that was registered. It was registered in 1985.

77. Everyone on this planet shares his or her birthday with at least 9 million people.

78. Giraffes have black tongues.

79. A heard of giraffes is called tower.

80. The tongue of a chameleon is longer than its body.

Awesome Random Facts: 81-90

81. In a bottle of champagne, there are around 100 million bubbles.

82. The famous Kung Fu master Jackie Chan was in his mother’s womb for 12 months!

83. For a banana peel to fully decompose in Antarctica, it may take as long as 70 years!

84. In France, you cannot name a pig as Napoleon. It is illegal!

85. 1/3rd of all pineapples produced in the world are grown in Hawaii.

86. When you look at stars, you stare into the past.

87. Darwin’s frogs attract females by singing to them.

88. The flat cap is worn both by upper class and working-class people. So essentially, the cap is classless.

89. Elephants will return to places where their friends died to mourn.

90. Marlon Brando declined to receive Oscar for Best Actor for the movie The Godfather.

Awesome Random Facts: 91-100

91. A Gold Fish will turn white if it is left in the dark.

92. The tie was invented by the Croatians.

93. Can you guess when was Apple Computers founded? April Fools’ Day!

94. The word ‘VERB’ is a Noun!

95. Queen termites can lay up to 3000 eggs in a day.

96. A duck has more bones in its neck than a giraffe.

97. The word ‘Boredom’ was invented by Charles Dickens.

98. Yahoo was originally called ‘Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web’.

99. There is absolutely no way you can block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.

100. Eating too many carrots can turn your skin orange. The condition is known as Carotenemia.

Awesome Random Facts: 101-110

101. In Japan, toupees are sold for dogs!

102. Leo Fender who founded the Fender guitars could not play guitar because he was a saxophonist.

103. The only country to occupy an entire continent is Australia.

104. When a person snores, he or she cannot dream.

105. The American National Anthem’s melody was taken from British drinking song.

106. Charlie Chaplin once came third in a Chaplin lookalike contest!

107. Male bees don’t live after having sex! They die!

108. The density of human head and watermelon is same.

109. Shaking hands is unhealthier than kissing.

110. In Egyptian tombs, cheese as old as 4000 years were found.

Awesome Random Facts: 111-120

111. The fear of beards is known as phogonophobia.

112. Pluto Platter was the original name of Frisbee.

113. The highest scrabble score ever was 1049.

114. Hitler was once nominated for the Nobel Prize in 1939.

115. A new study revealed that mice don’t really like cheese.

116. America was the place where ice cream cone was invented.

117. Anatidaeophobia is the fear that a duck is watching you from somewhere in the world.

118. 1859 – 24 rabbits were released in Australia. 6 years later in 1865, the total numbers of rabbits in Australia were 2 million.

119. Bananas are radioactive.

120. Heartbeat keeps changing and mimics the rhythm of the music you listen to.

Awesome Random Facts: 121-130

121. World’s largest snail is 91 centimeters long.

122. Sloths travel at a speed of 3 meters in one minute.

123. If a friendship lasts for 7 years and 1 day (in short, 7-year mark) it usually lasts for the entire lifetime.

124. Vending machines are responsible for the death of more than 10 people a year.

125. If a Bumble Bee is put in a freezer, it goes to sleep.

126. Barack Obama was a cocaine and marijuana addict as a teenager.

127. The fear of gravity is known as Barophobia.

128. A bolt of lightning has enough energy for toasting 160,000 bread pieces.

129. 90% of pumpkins grown on planet Earth are not eaten!

130. Scotland has the highest percentage of ginger hair.

Awesome Random Facts: 131-140

131. A man in Vietnam slept by the side of his dead wife for 5 years! His name is Le Van.

132. Most punctual of all trains in world are the Japanese trains. Their average delay is 18 seconds.

133. About 1 liter of mucus is produced by human body every single day.

134. U.S.A. has made Kinder Surprise Eggs illegal.

135. Men parting their hair on the right have a tendency of living longer than men parting their hair on the left.

136. The fear of aliens is known as Neilasparophobia.

137. Reading about yawing makes you yawn.

138. 1 in every 70 people in this world eat their snot. Yikes!

139. About 2 million Euros worth of wine is stored in the wine cellar of UK government.

140. Likelihood of premature death of rock stars is twice as much as other people.

Awesome Random Facts: 141-150

141. Thinking about muscles can make a man strong!

142. The largest cupcake ever made was 36 inches tall and 56 inches in diameter and it weighed 1,176.6 kg or 2,594 lb. It was made in 2011 by Georgetown Cupcake (USA).

143. Dr. Seuss, the famous American writer and cartoonist was afraid of children.

144. Human brain requires the same power to operate as a 10-Watt bulb.

145. The longest boxing fight lasted for 110 rounds!

146. It takes 6 months to make every single episode of Simpsons.

147. The kid in the ‘Karate Kid’ movie didn’t just act. He was learning Kung Fu in the movie.

148. Actor Woody Harrelson’s father was a hitman (a contract killer). Woody’s father killed John H. Wood Jr. – a federal judge and was arrested in 1979.

149. Astronauts wear adult diapers underneath their spacesuit.

150. A Spanish lady named Angeles Duran (age 49) is the legal owner of the Sun!

Awesome Random Facts: 151-160

151. The longest beard in world belonged to Hans Langseth. He died in 1927 and his beard measured 17 feet and 6 inches in length.

152. Hollywood actors were once paid for smoking in the films.

153. The closest living relative to T-Rex is chicken.

154. ‘Let’s get out of here’ – this is the most used line in Hollywood movies.

155. When out for a jungle safari, you should never use “Obsession” scent manufactured by Calvin Klein. This scent is known for attracting jaguars, tigers, cheetahs and other wild cats.

156. Slugs are fond of drinking beer.

157. The first invention ever to break sound barrier is the ‘whip’.

158. The letter ‘m’ cannot be pronounced without touching the two lips together.

159. Inventor of Richter Scale, Mr. Charles Richter was a nudist.

160. The names of all continents start and end with the same letter.

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