16 Interesting Great Wall of India Facts

by Sankalan Baidya

The world has always wondered about the mighty Great Wall of China but little does anyone know that there is another wall which challenges the architectural genius of the Chinese people. This second wall, often dubbed as the Great Wall of India, is not really as long as the Chinese one but it is definitely an epitome of architectural genius of Indian people. Let us learn 16 interesting Great Wall of India facts and find out the history and legends behind this wall.

Interesting Great Wall of India Facts: 1-8

1. The Great Wall of India is aptly named because of its length. It runs over a distance of 36 kilometers.

2. This wall is world’s second-longest continuous wall and sits around the Kumbhalgarh Fort located in Rajasthan’s Rajsamand District.

3. The wall is also known by the name Kumbhalgarh Wall or sometimes simply as Kumbhalgarh Fort.

4. It is not the length by which the Great Wall of India beats the Great Wall of China. It is rather the architecture that makes is far more majestic and breathtaking compared to the Chinese wall. There’s no crumbling bricks’ line on this wall opposed to the Great Wall of China, which is plagued by degrading conditions.

5. The wall is perfectly preserved though there is a reason for that. This wall was built long after the Chinese erected their version. The wall’s construction started somewhere in 15th century and its expansion took place in early 19th century.

6. Sitting at a height of 1100 meters above sea level, the wall is simply majestic and snakes through mountaintops and valleys, giving it a strikingly similar look to that of its Chinese cousin.

7. The wall reaches 15 meters of thickness at the widest sections. Bricks of the wall are beautifully masoned and decorative architecture adds to its beauty.

8. The wall is studded with defensive mechanisms and traps but they have all been deactivated ever since it was turned into a tourist attraction. However, those traps have only been deactivated and not destroyed and hence, tourists need to be very alter because the traps can spring back to life due to technical faults, leading to unexpected accidents.

Interesting Great Wall of India Facts: 9-16

9. The Great Wall of India boasts 7 fortified gateways and inside the wall sits 60 Hindu temples and 300 ancient Jain temples.

10. As per legends, the initial attempts to build the wall were unsuccessful. Rana Kumbha, the Maharana of Kumbhalgarh is said to have attempted the construction of the wall in 1443.

11. After repeated failures, a spiritual preceptor told Rana Kumbha that the construction hindrances can be overcome only if someone voluntarily sacrificed his life.

12. It is said that the spiritual preceptor asked Rana Kumbha to build a temple where the head of the person agreeing for voluntary sacrifice should fall and the fort as well as the wall should be built where body of the person should fall.

13. No one really volunteered for some time until a pilgrim showed up who volunteered for the scarifice. Some say that the pilgrim was the spiritual preceptor himself while some others claim that the pilgrim was actually a soldier.

14. The volunteer pilgrim was finally decapitated with full Hindu ritual and only after that Rana Kumbha managed to build the wall.

15. The Hanuman Pol, which is the main gate of the fortress, has a temple and a shrine which was built to commemorate the selfless sacrifice.

16. The Great Wall of India has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2013 under the group Hill Forts of Rajasthan.

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