16 Hypochondria Random Facts You Should Learn

by Virupakshi
Hypochondria Random Facts

In the last article about hypochondria facts, we discussed about its causes, risk factors, test to measure and its possible treatment. In this article, we will learn about hypochondria random facts. So, let’s begin

Hypochondria Random Facts: 1-8

1. Hypochondriacs (people having hypochondria) generally believe that being healthy means complete absence of any pain or sensations from the body.

2. The pain felt in different organs differs culturally. For Americans and Germans, it is the stomach and for French, it is their liver.

3. When comparing depression in Americans and Chinese, it was found out that Chinese expressed more of physical symptoms and they had difficult time agreeing to the fact that those symptoms emerged out of depression which eventually decreased when they took antidepressants.

4. The usual physical complaints include skin problems, related to sex, insomnia, back pain, body odor, fear of becoming a hypochondriac.

5. Many hypochondriacs complain about pain and nearly 70 % of the times, the pain emerges from the left side of the body.

6. Hypochondria is seen equally in men and women, elderly and in low socioeconomic class people. It mostly starts from the early adulthood and may continue for years.

7. [highlight]Did you know that there is a medical nickname for hypochondria? It is called GOMER – Go Out of My Emergency Room.[/highlight]

8. Ancient Greeks thought hypochondria was related to melancholy personality type which was caused by excessive secretion of black bile in people’s body (earlier Greeks believed that body secretes 4 humors – blood, yellow bile, black bile and phelgm).

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Hypochondria Random Facts: 9-16

9. During middle ages, hypochondria took a religious turn and was called as ‘pusillanimata’ where people were not scared of having a disease or dying. Instead they were scared of going to hell.

10. In Robert Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy, he wrote about a hypochondriac man of Italy who was scared of urinating because he believed that if he urinates, the whole city would drown.

11. Robert Burton lied to him that the city was on fire and asked him to urinate to put the fire off. After he urinated, he was cured.

12. In around 18th century, people termed hypochondria as ‘male hysteria’ and blamed spleen as the cause of the male hysteria. (Hysteria was believed to come from the womb and it was also called as wandering uterus or wandering womb).

13. Few of the famous people to have hypochondria are Charles Darwin, Charlos Brontë, Hand Christian Anderson, James Boswell, Glenn Gould, Howard Hughes, Andy Warhol etc.

14. Did you know that nearly 45% of the Americans remain constantly worried of having a disease even though they don’t have any psychiatric disorder.

15. Nearly 1 % out of 14% of the patients have hypochondria and 10-20% of the healthy individuals worry extremely about their health.

16. As we said that in our previous article, hypochondria has been replaced with two other disorders, Somatic Symptom Disorder and Illness Anxiety Disorder. 75% of the earlier cases of hypochondria are diagnosed as Somatic Symptom Disorder where the patient shows somatic symptoms and the rest 25% of the cases are diagnosed as Illness Anxiety Disorder where there are no somatic symptoms.

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