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15 Jaw-Dropping Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy is life-altering for women. Everything, their entire world changes. It is an experience that men will never know and will never understand. Pregnancy is associated with a number of amazing and absolutely bizarre facts. Some of such weird facts have been shared in our previous article here. But, we weren’t quite done! There is more to share. So, here is another set of 15 jaw-dropping pregnancy facts that you will surely like. Enjoy…

Jaw-Dropping Pregnancy Facts: 1-5

1. The vertical dark line which suddenly appears down your stomach is actually always present but, it is clearly visible only during pregnancy because, the hormones increase the pigmentation and hence it appears. It is called as “linea nigra”. The English translation of linea nigra is black line.

2. There are four different positions which a woman’s pelvis can take during pregnancy. But only one position called “gynecoid” is the best. Luckily it is the most common too.

3. Women, during pregnancy, walk like ducks. It is not because of extra weight that they put on but it is because the joints become more relaxed and due to this center of gravity changes.

4. Women’s uterus is roughly of peach size when it is normal. When a woman is pregnant, her uterus enlarges of the size of a watermelon! 500 times the actual size.

5. To ease delivery, the body releases a hormone called relaxin, which softens the joints’ ligaments.

Jaw-Dropping Pregnancy Facts: 6-10

6. This relaxin hormone affects the whole body and your feet too. So once a woman is pregnant, because of the relaxin and extra weight that she has put on, her feet’s width and length increases and sometimes it increases to a shoe size! But not to worry ladies because it will become normal once you deliver the baby.

7. Every woman notices that there is hair fall post-delivery but no one pays notice that during pregnancy your hair appears fuller because higher levels of estrogen prevents hair fall at a normal rate. After delivery, almost all hormones return to their normal level and hair fall’s rate too become normal.

8. If the study done by Dr. Gary Steinman (an obstetrician in Long Island Jewish Medical Center) in 2006 is to be believed, tall women are more likely to conceive twins than their shorter counterparts.

9. Women crave for certain foods during pregnancy. Most of us keep wondering but it is a sign given by the body that the woman is having some nutrient in lower amounts than required. For example, women who crave for ice basically have low iron.

10. Not just when they are newborns and infants, even when they are in your tummy, babies get food before mummies, thanks to your umbilical cord. Even when you skip a meal or fast, your body takes nutrients from you to feed your baby.

Jaw-Dropping Pregnancy Facts: 11-15

11. Some pregnant women develop varicose veins.

12. As your uterus expands during pregnancy, it puts pressure on your urinary bladder. Because of this pressure, women who are pregnant have this need to pee more than others. It starts in the first trimester itself.

13. As your uterus expands your diaphragm gets compressed. Contrary to what women think, women breathe deeper when they are pregnant.

14. It’s just not the fetus which is newly grown in your body. You develop a new organ called placenta. It helps in passing oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, protects the baby from infections and removes the wastes created by the baby (carbon dioxide). The placenta is linked to fetus by umbilical cord and can grow to 1.5lb by delivery.

15. Your placenta produces same amount of estrogen (at the time of your delivery) that a normal woman produces in 3 years!

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