Spiders are creepy and the very idea of eating them kind of gives us goosebumps. However, not everyone thinks alike. There are many people out there who, in fact, consider this creepy arachnid as delicacy. Let us find out 15 interesting fried tarantula facts and find out where they are most popular.

Interesting Fried Tarantula Facts: 1-5

1. Spiders, specifically Tarantulas were not really considered delicacy until 1970s. The tradition started back in mid-1970s after Cambodia went under Khmer Rouge communist regime.

2. Extreme oppression under the regime resulted in death of 1.7 million Cambodians due to overwork, executions, poor healthcare, and of course, starvation.

3. It is because of this regime and extreme hunger that people looked for alternative food sources that were not restricted and the tarantula’s gained focused.

4. Cambodians have actually traditionally used tarantulas for medicines. Rarely they used to eat these arachnids, but in isolated pockets.

5. It was because Khmer Rouge regime that Tarantulas eventually became a primary food source among the Cambodians and the arachnids quickly became popular among millions of people worldwide. The popularity started somewhere in 1990s.

Interesting Fried Tarantula Facts: 6-10

6. Usually, these spiders are bred in rural areas in holes on ground. When they are adult enough, the locals drag these spiders out of their nest using smoke.

7. The locals use a burning stick to smoke the nests which force the spiders out of their nests. The spiders are then captured by the locals.

8. Sometimes, the locals are bit by the tarantulas. Though their bites are not poisonous and does not kill people, they do manage to give a hell lot of pain.

9. Once the tarantulas are captured, the locals remove their fangs before cooking.

10. Once the fangs are removed, these spiders are seasoned with salt, garlic, soy sauce and sometimes sugar.

Interesting Fried Tarantula Facts: 11-15

11. Different people may use different seasoning depending on their taste. There is no unique blend of spices and seasoning that can be used.

12. The seasoned tarantulas are then deep fried and served. The fried tarantulas can then be seasoned separately for enhancing their tastes.

13. The fried tarantulas have a unique taste that some people say is somewhere between cod and chicken. The exterior becomes crispy while the center remains pretty soft.

14. The legs of these fried spiders have some flesh, and are chewy in nature. The body and the head have the delicate white meat inside. Some people prefer not eating the body as it contains a mixture of eggs, organs and excrement.

15. As far as nutrition content is concerned, University of Copenhagen says that tarantulas have high zinc content and is particularly good for child growth. They are also good sources of Magnesium, Sodium and Phosphorus.

So, if we take popular opinion, fried tarantulas are not really that bad, but still, the very idea of chewing them up makes us feel sick. What about you?


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