15 Interesting Beating Cobra Heart Dish Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
beating cobra heart dish facts

Call it a hearty meal or devil’s supper – slurping down the still-beating cobra heart with a glass full of cobra blood is a super-specialty culinary delight of Vietnam. Hell yes!

That’s one of the most exotic dishes you can put your hands on to and trust us, the balut of Philippines is nowhere even close in competition. Let us learn 15 interesting beating cobra heart dish facts covering its preparation and reason for such brutal and devil act.

Interesting Beating Cobra Heart Dish Facts: 1-8

1. The first question that pops up is ‘why?’ Well, Vietnamese people consider that consuming a beating cobra heart enhances virility in males.

2. Having answered the ‘why’, it is time to pick up, ‘how?’ So, how is the doomed cobra prepped up? Cobra heart dishes are pretty popular in Vietnam and is readily available in many restaurants. Visitors get to select the cobra from the whole lot of captives.

beating cobra heart dish facts

3. It is always suggested not to go for the longer one but for the shorter and thicker one with a hell lot of attitude. Remember, it is all about virility!

4. Once the visitors seal the fates of the doomed cobras, a couple of waiters – who are experts in handling the venomous serpents – will arrive with quite a massive knife, a funnel, a couple of empty bottles and a bottle of rice wine.

5. Just a heads up, the rice wine is pretty potent and hence, accepting all that’s being offered is never a good idea.

6. Coming back to the preparation part, the doomed cobra is played with and then its neck is broken and the waiters pretty skillfully locate the heart and make an incision with the knife and drain out the blood in an empty bottle.

beating cobra heart dish facts
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7. The heart is then cut off and is dropped in a small glass. The glass is then filled with a concoction of rice wine and the snake blood. Voila! Enjoy your drink! Slurp down the still-beating heart with the bloody concoction! EMBRACE the virility!

8. Hey wait! It’s not done yet! The game just started! The waiters move further down along the snake and cut open its body, pouring down a dull-green bile in another empty bottle. This bile gives out a very strong smell and is not meant to be wasted.

Interesting Beating Cobra Heart Dish Facts: 9-15

9. The smell of the bile may just make it unappetizing but the Vietnamese know a work around. They will mix it with the potent rice wine in a glass and you are ready to go.

10. If you think the adrenaline rush ends here, you are wrong! The venom of the doomed cobra is still waiting to reach your gut.

11. The head is chopped off and the venom is poured in yet another glass and this time, there is no mixing of rice wine. It is supposed to go down as is through your throat, through your esophagus and all the way down to your stomach.

12. Is it going to kill you? Definitely not! The venom will kill you only if it is administered intravenously. When you drink it, the stomach processes it just fine and breaks it down to harmless components. But, be cautious on this one! In case there are any cuts in your mouth, your fate will be doomed!

13. With the venom’s safe journey to your gut, the thrilling part of the exotic dish is over. It is time for the main course where every single part of the cobra is processed and served.

14. Barbecue snake, snake spring rolls, snake soup and deep-fried snake skin are the dishes that follow and they are really yum! The snake meat tastes pretty much like chicken.

15. Why leave the spine out? That’s rich in calcium! Yes, the spine too is fried to perfection and served whole on a plate. Just munch on it and give your bones a little calcium-lift! Ladies, did you read this one?

Don’t be surprised if somewhere the still-beating heart of the cobra is served with a concoction of cobra blood and cobra venom or if somewhere the heart is served separate and you are asked to chew it and gulp it down before you drink the blood or the venom. There may be restaurants where you will be asked to bite off the heart from the unfortunate snake’s body and feel the throbbing at its best. It is all about adrenaline rush and we know that the devil in you is all geared up for it!

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Erin May 13, 2017 - 9:30 am

I have to wonder if you’ve either eaten snake flesh or asked someone. I just feel that saying something tastes like chicken is just an excuse to get people to it. (On that note, I’ve seen on an animal show the saying applied to muskrats. The narrator then said those taste like ducks).

Nicholas David Snyder August 18, 2018 - 12:45 pm

I guess the taste of the meat goes all the way down to its core DNA and the way it builds the muscle, then affected by the way it is used and nourished, and then of course how it is prepared. Which is why white meat or smaller animals would taste similar to one another, or why larger mammals have red meat. A cow has more fatty muscle and larger striated muscle cells than a deer, which is more lean, because of its body mass and more sedentary lifestyle. I wonder if that means human muscle would have a similar taste to other genetically similar primates. Perhaps thats why we don’t eat monkeys. Do you think consuming proteins with a more similar DNA might have a more beneficial effect on us? Why do we have such an automatic apprehension at just the thought of eating a monkey?

Sankalan Baidya
Sankalan Baidya August 19, 2018 - 12:30 pm

Nicholas, if you ask me, don’t eat a primate. Don’t eat a monkey because it has emotions similar to human emotions. This will result in the improper integration of that animal’s meat. I believe, the lesser the emotion of the animal we eat, the easier it becomes for us to integrate the meat of that animal in our body. Eventually, when we eat an animal, we convert it into a human within a few hours instead of millions of years as evolution will otherwise suggest (evolution takes a backseat). As far as DNA is concerned, our body is a walking, talking, shitting piece of memory machine (not just our brain). There is memory in every DNA strand, every cell of our body. That’s an enormous amount of memory we carry. Similarly, a monkey’s body will have a similar collection of memories throughout. It will be difficult to integrate those memories. Guess what? These memories are evolutionary memories of millions of years. It won’t be an easy integration. I believe, the lesser the evolutionary memory of an animal and greater the difference between its evolutionary memory and our evolutionary memory, the easier it comes for us to integrate the animal’s meat. Do you feel agitated (apart from being satiated) when you eat red meat as compared to white meat? Does your body feel warmer with red meat consumption? Find the answers.

Curse me! It is about time!


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