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Mankind has been involved in some of the bloodiest wars in the history of this Earth and some wars were kind of benign. Well, benign in the sense that loss of life and property was very limited. The Anglo-Zanzibar war is one such supposedly benign war. There are several mind-boggling facts about this war that we are going to learn in this list. So, let us travel time and dig out 15 interesting Anglo-Zanzibar war facts.

15 Interesting Anglo-Zanzibar War Facts
Royal Palace of Zanzibar after war | By Richard Dorsey Mohun (1865-1915) – from zh wp(删除该图像的所有修订版本) (当前) 23:13 2005年5月12日 . . Captmjc (Talk) . . 574×425 (94376字节), Public Domain, Link

Interesting Anglo-Zanzibar War Facts: 1-5

1. The Anglo-Zanzibar war is dubbed as history’s shortest war with the opponents engaged for no more than 38 minutes.

2. The war started at 9:02 AM and ended at 9:40 AM EAT (East Africa Time).

3. The two opponents who fought the war were the British Empire and the Zanzibar Sultanate. The British Empire came out victorious after exchanging fire with the Zanzibar Sultanate for 38 minutes.

4. Only 1 British soldier was wounded during the war from the British forces.

5. The British soldier to be wounded was a Petty Officer. He was wounded pretty badly but later recovered.

Interesting Anglo-Zanzibar War Facts: 6-10

6. The Zanzibar Sultanate suffered 500 casualties. Probably not all were dead and some were wounded.

7. The war took place on 27 August, 1896. 1,050 British land soldiers participated in the war and the Royal Navy brought 2 gunboats and 3 cruisers.

8. The Zanzibar Sultanate on the other hand had 2,800 land soldiers, 1 shore battery and 4 artillery pieces. They also had 2 boats and the royal yacht named HHS Glasgow.

9. The HHS Glasgow along with the 2 boats were completely destroyed and sunk. The shore battery was also destroyed.

10. The HHS Glasgow as actually destroyed by a fire caused by British bombardment and weirdly enough, it sank in shallow waters with its masts stayed above the water surface.

Interesting Anglo-Zanzibar War Facts: 11-15

11. Soldiers onboard the HHS Glasgow surrendered by hoisting British flag and were then rescued by British soldiers using launches.

12. Of the 500 casualties or wounded, most of the deaths occurred because of the fire that engulfed the Royal Palace of Zanzibar Sultanate.

13. During the war, the Brits fired 1,000 rifle rounds, 4,100 machine gun rounds and 500 shells.

Anglo-Zanzibar War Facts
By Richard Dorsey Mohun (1865-c.1915) –, Public Domain, Link

14. Land fighting during the war was bare minimum. The soldiers of Zanzibar Sultanate fired at askaris (local soldiers fighting for the British Empire) under the command of General Raikes when the askaris marched towards the Royal Palace.

15. 38 minutes is the officially and most frequently quoted duration of the war. However, there are sources that quote the duration to be 40 minutes and 45 minutes.


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