If you are here on this website, we can reasonably assume that you are a student. So, we thought, an article on awesome student life facts might be a piece that you can connect with.

Many believe that the years you spend in college will be the best years of your life. You are entering a new phase in your life, you’re meeting new people, and you’re experiencing new things.

Of course, you’re going to college to study and build your education and career path, but also, to have fun and enjoy your time there as much as you can.

The life of a student can get pretty hectic, and often, 24 hours in a day are not enough to for a student to manage everything, from classes, part-time job, to studying and partying.

Even so, many like the fact that their lives get turbulent during the college years, because it’s fun, and something they’ll remember their whole life.

In case you’re a student, or simply reminiscing of the college years, we’ve gathered some awesome and super fun facts about the life of a student. Hopefully, you’ll recognize yourself in some of them.

Student Life Facts: Students drink a lot of coffee – Fact No. 1

student life facts

Caffeine intake with students has been a topic of many research papers, articles and studies. One such research article has presented a survey in which it was concluded that 92% of students consume too much coffee on a daily basis, between 200 mg/d and 400mg/d.

First-year students consume up to 173 mg/d of coffee, and students overall consume 30 mg/d of caffeine in energy drinks and 28 mg/d in alcohol beverages.

The explanation is, of course, very simple: too much homework. Some people choose to buy a term paper as their saving grace, yet sometimes, it is not nearly enough to reduce the stress levels.

Purchasing two custom college papers is a great idea but sometimes, there’s 15 more to finish. How can you not drink gallons of coffee in this case?

The reasons students consume so much caffeine include: to feel awake (79% of students), enjoy the taste (68%), social aspect of coffee consumption (39%), to improve concentration (31%), to increase physical energy (27%), to improve mood (18%), and alleviate stress (9%).

Student Life Facts: Students party, but not as much – Fact No. 2

students party but not too much

Of course, this is not a student life fact you will be surprised to hear but it is undoubtedly worth talking about.

College parties are some of the primary sources of fun and relaxation for the majority of students; however, only 30% of students party as much as possible.

There are students who end up leaving college because they partied too much, but that number is almost unnoticeable.

People usually have a prejudice about the college life, thinking that all the students do is party. But the truth is, the majority of parties happen at the end of the semester, holidays or some charity events.

Student Life Facts: Students believe they’re the best in their class – Fact No. 3

students believe they are the best in class.

Around 71% of students put themselves in the top 10% of their class.

This shows that students nowadays are significantly more confident in their knowledge and skills than the students a few decades ago were.

Such impressive information is undoubtedly on the positive note since the majority of students actually graduate and manage to develop a successful career, mostly due to the fact that they believed in themselves. Bravo!

Student Life Facts: Students spend a lot of time on social media – Fact No. 4

student life facts

The average time students actually spend on social media, and their phones, has risen to an all-time high.

This might not be such a fun fact after all, but it is definitely useful to know that students spend approximately six hours a week on social networks.

The number of students spending invariably six or more hours a week on social media has jumped to 40% in 2016, and 70% in 2018.

Maybe this might be the reason the students don’t party much after all. They simply spend their free time on their phone instead of socializing. We can at least hope they also use their phones for studying as well.

Student Life Facts: Students keep their college friends after graduation – Fact No. 5

students keep college friends after graduation

Contrary to the belief, students actually tend to stay friends with the people they meet in college after they graduate.

College friendships are nothing like other friendships, and the fact that in college years we all go through an inevitable transformation, it is fantastic to see students stay in each other’s lives.

It may happen because it’s never been easier to stay connected with all social media platforms, or some other reasons, but around 50% of students remain friends or nurture their college contacts even several years after graduation.

Student Life Facts: Students read a lot – Facts No. 6

student life facts

Alongside the necessary material, students also read a lot for their own pleasure. This might be hard to believe, but, according to  Barnes&Noble College, around 65% of students read up to five hours a week.

Other 13% of students spend more than six hours per week reading, alongside their regular reading assignments.

Of course, some students focus on the necessary material only, and they make around 22% of all students.

Even during the winter and summer breaks, students continue their reading practice. During the breaks, around 50% of student spend up to 5 hours a week reading, and 40% claim to read more than six hours a week.

How awesome is that?

Student Life Facts: Approximately one third of the couples end-up in long distance relationship – Fact No. 7

some students get in long distance relationship

Many couples get into relationships in high school but depart for different colleges later. Most couples choose to keep the new love going forward while in college.

However, many find it difficult to put in the effort to keep a long-distance relationship working for long.

In college, you come across new people and it might spark a start of new relations. It does not mean that long distance relationships do not last, but it needs some extra effort and patience for it to work.

Being in college with the newly found freedom, most tend to choose the easy way of getting new friends or relationship.

The couples who however, stick together are most likely to enter into serious commitments and even marriage. College time is the best years of anyone’s life to explore and find their true partner.

Student Life Facts: A student can save close to $900 if they quit alcohol for a year – Fact No. 8

student life facts

When you think of college, most people associate it with booze and parties. It is true as most college goers turn 21 years old entering into college. This is the time they have the full license to drink legally.

It turns out to be one of the expenses that pile up over the year. Booze is not something that is cheap and considering college studies are expensive burdens for families.

It is not hard to say, drinking a lot makes students broke. A student can save a lot if they cut down their habit of partying and consuming alcohol.

Close to a $1000 is a big sum considering how much expenses a parent has to bear to send their kids to college.

To add up to the cost of partying and boozing, you have to add the amount you need to spend on uber rides back home after getting drunk.

Not to count the mistakes and embarrassing tasks you can do while intoxicated. Many student can take a wrong turn while drunk or intoxicated.

Student Life Facts: Students are more likely to be tolerant towards other races – Fact No. 9

Students in high-school and colleges come across students from other races and ethnicity. It helps them understand and be tolerant towards other races.

They also learn to respect and treat everyone as equal. Friendship is a strong force in student’s life and having friends from different races do make them more tolerant and respectful towards others.

They learn about new traditions from sharing rooms or partying together or even sitting together in classrooms.

Racism is a serious issue which is a threat to peace and equality. Students are more likely to help eradicate the racism cancer. They are more likely to be tolerant and influence others to respect other races and ethnicity.

Student Life Facts: Students learn new skills that can build their future – Fact No. 10

student life facts

Students in their college come across new skills and learning opportunities that can change their life for good.

Learning new skills are beneficial for students who will grow up to take up many important positions in the world economy and business world.

Moreover, in colleges, students are more likely to come across new learning opportunities than in any other place.

They can explore their interest and learn new skills that can help them become what they want to in the future.

Most students will find their passion in their high school and college life. Just think about the numerous students who found their passion and later went on to become history makers.

This is the reason we find many students dropping out of college to pursue their passion. It is their passion which drives them to success in life and make them famous.

Most students will end up changing their branches or major to end up in the field they are passionate about.

Student Life Facts: Students learn more about being independent and responsible – Fact No. 11

student life facts

Students after their school learn more about being independent and taking up responsibilities. Up until now most decisions were taken by either their parents or elders.

After moving to high-schools and colleges, they start to learn how to take care of themselves. They have to be responsible for their own decisions and take the responsibility of their actions.

Independence comes with responsibility; student life is the best time to learn this to have a better life. You will have to bear the consequence of every move you make and ensure that you are know what is right for you.

Students also likely to find new mentor and guide to help them in life. They also have to be careful in choosing their friends and mentors to ensure they are guided on the right path.

Student Life Facts: Pizza is the ultimate go-to food for students – Fact No. 12

student life facts

You will know the importance of Pizza when you are student in college or high school. Most people will find it hard to cook meals in their busy schedule.

Pizza is one of the cheapest and easily available option to fill your stomach. Not to forget Pizza does tastes out of the world and is a food we all love.

Pizza parties are the best parties around student life and surely it will be the go-to food for most students.

Pizza is also rich in fat and deliciousness, so it will make your stomach full in some slices. Although, it is not the healthiest food it surely is favorite of the students.

They are also readily available around the globe making it easy dinner for late night studies and projects.

You can never deny a good slice of cheesy pizza especially if you are a student. It is also pocket friendly so you can save some bucks. Do remember to hit the gym in the morning though.

Student Life Facts: Students learn a lot about time management – Fact No. 13

student life facts

Time management is a skill most students learn while trying to finish their assignment or prepare for their exams.

It is a habit passed on with tradition, most students will leave their assignments for last day.

But you will be surprised to know that most people learn a lot about time management and making best use of time while they are a student. Students do have to manage a lot in limited time and fit time for their own entertainment and rest.

Time management skills are great skills to learn while being a student. It will help you a lot in your future when you become an important part of this society.

Student Life Facts: Students learn a lot about how to adjust with people – Fact No. 14

student life facts

While in high school and college a student come across many new people. They learn to adjust with new people and have tolerance about others.

You will always find people who have irritating habits, but you have to learn to adjust and still befriend them.

Being young, you have a lot more opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. You have to develop the habit of being tolerant to make new friends.

Most people in their older age will carry their habits they develop in their student life. It is thus an important habit for students to learn about adjusting with new people around them.

Meeting new people open up new opportunities for you to explore and make a life out of it. Adjusting with people is an important skill for everyone to have a happy life with people to help you and support you.


Student life is one of the most exciting times in a person’ life and it will shape you into a person you become in the future. Student life has many new experiences and new learning opportunities which ensure you have a positive and successful life ahead.

Do you know any more facts about students that we did not cover? Let us know, we will love to hear from you.

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