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Do you really think herbivore dinosaurs were innocent-looking? Rethink! We learned about Acanthopholis that wasn’t at all pretty-looking and now we have Achelousaurus.

This fellow too is horrid-looking member from the veggiesaur family. Just a heads-up, there is no such thing called veggiesaurs but we just intend to use this word for all herbivore dinosaurs that ever lived on earth. This guy was a pretty big fellow and could have easily defeated a carnivore.

However, we are completely out of luck and will never see a fight between Achelousaurus and a carnivore dino. Whatever, it is not really time to cry on our bad (perhaps good) luck. It is rather time that we learn 12 interesting facts about Achelousaurus and find out what it really looked like. Are you ready?

Facts About Achelousaurus
By Mariana Ruiz (LadyofHats) – did it myself based on [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],and [6], Public Domain, Link

At a glance
— Lived: 80-65 million years ago.
— Food: Vegetarian.
— Species: Achelousaurus horneri.

Facts about Achelousaurus: 1-6

1. Achelousaurus is actually a Greek word which in English means Achelous Lizard.

2. Pronounced as AH-kell-oo-SORE-us, this mammoth dino lived in the woodlands of now North America.

3. This species thrived during the Late Cretaceous Period which was around 80 to 65 million years ago.

4. Achelousaurus gets its name from Greek Mythology. Achelous was actually a river deity of Greeks. Myth says that Hercules tore off one of the horns of Achelous during a mythological fight.

5. A fully-grown Achelousaurus would measure around 20 feet in length and weigh around 1 ton!

6. The skull of a full-grown Achelousaurus measured around 5 feet in length.

Facts about Achelousaurus: 6-10

7. Yes, 20 feet was not really the biggest of all dinosaurs we know today but it was quite massive. At 20 feet, the Achelousaurus could be rightly called as a medium-sized dinosaur that possessed bony knobs right above its eyes and had a large frill.

8. Despite the fact that this dino had really frightening horns, he was actually a gentle plant eater and never even bothered to even think about eating meat.

9. The fossils of the Achelousaurus were unearthed from the Two Medicine Formation. The Two Medicine Formation is nothing but a geological formation formed during the Late Cretaceous Period.

10. The Achelousaurus had a close relative known as Pachyrhinosaurus. Unlike the Pachyrhinosaurus, the Achelousaurus’ bony knobs right over its eyes were smaller.

11. The Achelousaurus also had close resemblance to another dinosaur named Einiosaurs from the Late Cretaceous Period that thrived in the woodlands of now North America.

12. Scientists believe that the Achelousaurus represented the growth stage of either the Einiosaurs or Pachyrhinosaurus or it might have been the other way round.

That’s all! We have learned 12 interesting facts about Achelousaurus. Do you know other facts? Do let us know if you have some more information to share. As always, avoid being too scientific because most of us will not really understand extreme scientific terminology.

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