Women are both amazing and weird creatures (think from their point of view and men are no different). Be it women in human world or be it females in rest of the animal kingdom, they can never cease to be weird but, don’t be mistaken, it is their nature that makes them so amazing.

Take them out of this equation of Earth and the world as we know will collapse. Well the same holds true for the other gender as well! The world will collapse if we take men out of equation. The two make each other complete in this grand equation of creation.

So, on the event of International Women’s Day, we thought we will make a list of 100 women facts that you will love.

Remember, these women facts are not targeted towards any specific topic. They are all random and cover almost every aspect related to women. What aspects you ask? Anything from their behavior or their work life to their sexuality. We even have facts about women’s body and facts about women’s emotions.

Thus, this women facts list is essentially a random list of facts. Looks like you are excited! Let’s begin then!

Impressive Women Facts: 1-10 | A few tidbits to start with.

01. Do you have any idea of where did the word ‘woman’ come from? It comes from a word called ‘Wifman,’ which is a Middle English word that means ‘Wife of the Man.’

02. On an average, a woman speaks 20,000 words a day. On the contrary, men speak just 7,000 words a day!

03. Did you know that in ancient Rome, women used to wear the sweat of the gladiators in order to improve their complexion and beauty.

04. In Russia, there are less men that women. Yes! That’s right! There are 9 million women more than men in that country. [Men, are you packing your bags for Russia?]

05. You must have seen a woman telling ‘I don’t have anything to wear,’ despite the fact that they have more clothes in their wardrobe that what you have! Did you know that women spend almost 365 days or 1 year of their entire life deciding what they will wear.

06. Of the world’s 20 richest women of 2019, only 1 is a self-made billionaire. Rest of the 19 have inherited their wealth from either husband or parents. That one woman is Zhou Qunfei. She is the richest woman in China.

07. On an average, a woman cries about 30 to 64 times a year. Wondering how many times men cry in a year? That’s a meager 6 to 17 times!

08. But, men are bigger liars! On an average men lie 6 times a day. That’s twice as much as women do!

09. The heart of a woman beats faster than that of a man.

10. If we take account of the total amount time women menstruate their whole life, that accounts for a whopping 4 years!

Surprising women facts so far, eh? There are more there to take you by surprise. Read on…

Weird Women Facts: 11-20 | Be surprised!

11. In case of men, chest pain is a symptom of heart attack. In case of women, shoulder pain along with indigestion and nausea are the symptoms of heart attack.

12. Compared to men, women have far more taste buds.

13. The maximum number of children born to a single woman (officially recorded) is 69!

14. There are some women in this world who are tetrachromats. In other words, they have one extra type of cone cell in their eyes, enabling them to see millions of more colors.

15. Not just that, men and women (even though both genders are trichromats) have different perceptions of colors. Certain colors look identical to men, but women can easily distinguish those colors. For instance, women can easily tell the difference between Tangerine and Cantaloupe but for men, both are just Orange!

16. Studies reveal that taller women are more prone to cancer! Taller women have a higher risk of getting at least 10 different types of cancers including malignant melanoma, leukemia, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, bowel cancer and breast cancer.

17. Did you know, 68% of women say that if they knew they could get away with it, they would have an affair.

18. For women, heart disease is the number one killer.

19. Only 2% women in this world who consider themselves as beautiful. Come on! All of you are beautiful in your own rights. So, be a bit more confident.

20. When it comes to blinking, women defeat men easily with 19 blinks per minute compared to only 11 blinks per minute in case of minute.

Were these women facts surprising enough? No? All right! Challenge accepted! Read on…

Unbelievable Women Facts: 21-30 | These are Just Unbelievable!

21. Yes, we men are attracted to them but did you know that 80% of women actually wear bra of wrong size? That’s one of the most incredible bra facts you men should know! Source.

22. It is believed that men fart more than women but no, that’s not true at all! Men and women are at par! Don’t always blame the guy! Source.

23. Women have more stinky farts than men. 😀

24. Did you know that in Niger, an average woman gives birth to an average of 7 births? That’s the highest in whole world.

25. According to a research, women experience more nightmares than men do.

26. Dreams of elderly women have higher proportion of emotions like enjoyment and joy while dreams of college girls have higher proportion of fear-terror and rage-anger. Source.

27. Girls often mature faster than boys when it comes to emotional areas or thought processing. That’s because, optimization of mental connections happen faster in girls during their childhood and their adolescent years.

28. Wish for lighter hair color has been a thing since ancient times. Ancient Greek women used either plant extracts or even arsenic to lighten their hair.

29. Around the world, 1 woman dies every 90 seconds during either pregnancy or childbirth.

30. The only Olympic event in which women were allowed to participate in the year 1924 was ice skating. 15 women participated.

We believe that these women facts have taken you by surprise and left you dumbfounded. If you want more, continue reading.

Did You Know These Women Facts? | 31-40

31. Starting 1901 till date, only 53 women have won Nobel Prize.

32. On an average, women around the world consumer about 4 pounds of lipstick throughout their lifetime! That translates to 533.76 lipsticks.

33. Women have heightened sense of smell compared to men. The reason? Hunter-gatherer lifestyle of our ancestors! Women were gatherers and they used their sense of smell to pick up the right food for the family.

34. There is nothing scientific in this! It is the society and media that have pressed women into preferring style over their comfort. Some social standards have been set like women should have small feet, perkier behinds and more.

35. Women, who are in long term relationships with men often tend to overfeed their men partly because they want their men to be strong and partly (though unconsciously) to make them less attractive to other women.

36. Men are better risk takers compared to women. Guess what? There is a scientific reason for that! Our brain has a part called anterior cingulate cortex. This part of the brain weighs options when it comes to decision making. It women, it is larger and it is larger in women because of the evolutionary process that makes women better caretakers (especially in terms of gathering food).

37. In women, the brain cells are more densely packed than men. That doesn’t mean that women have more brain cells. Both genders have the same number of brain cells. It is just that the female brain is 9% smaller in size than that of a male, which explains the dense packing!

38. Did you know that heels were not for women? Heels were introduced into women’s fashion in the 1600s just to mimic that of men. In past, men wore heels to signify status and masculinity.

39. On an average, females live 2 to 3 years more than males across the world. This is true not only for human females but also for female chimpanzees and female orangutans. That’s because their immune systems age slower than men.

40. When it comes to identifying emotions, women generally outperform men.

Hold on! We are yet to bring more surprises for you. Carry on reading the remaining women facts and you will know what we mean!

General Women Facts | 41-50

41. In about 2% of the women worldwide, you can find an extra third nipple.

42. Women tend to trust those people more who hug them for at least 15 seconds!

43. The wrinkles that women get, 80% of them are caused by sun exposure.

44. When it comes to hiccups, women in general hiccup less than men.

45. In 2013 that woman became pregnant who went through the first successful womb transplant.

46. Women are less likely to be involved in car accidents compared to men.

47. Ada Lovelace. Do you know who she was? She was the first ever computer programmer. Yes, the fist computer programmer was not a man.

48. There is a Chinese term called ‘Sheng nu.’ It simply refers to those women in China who failed to get married by their late 20s or later 30s. The term actually means ‘leftover women.’

49. Women on an average, end up spending a total of 5 days of her entire lifetime looking at a mirror!

50. In whole of Switzerland, women received their rights to vote in 1991. There are many countries where women received this right in 1971. Then there are countries where until it was forced upon by courts, women were not allowed to vote.

We are not done with women facts yet! If you need a break, take one and return! There are more facts about women that will leave your jaws dropped!

More Women Facts! Read On! | 51-60

51. In the United States, 20% of women actually earn at least 5,000 USD more than their husbands.

52. On an average, women in the UK own 19 pair of shoes, but how many of them end up wearing all pairs? None! They wear only 7 pairs!

53. 40% of childbirths in the United States actually come from unmarried women either because of rape, or because of premarital affairs.

54. The only country in this world to draft women into the Military is Israel.

55. At any given point in time, 4% of women in the United States are pregnant.

56. On an average, women in the United Kingdom will own 111 handbags throughout their lifetime.

57. There is an eating disorder called Pica where a person craves non-food items. 30% of pregnant women actually suffer from this.

58. There is something called Seminal Plasma Allergy. That’s basically allergy to men ejaculation. Nearly 40,000 women in the United States suffer from this condition. Oh boy!

59. Orgasms can actually make women more creative, productive and confident. Guys, take note!

60. Women can become pregnant even 5 to 8 days after sex! That can happen because research shows that some sperm can live in the cervical mucus crypt for that long!

Boys, are you enjoying these women facts? We hope you are! So, continue reading…

Women Facts That You Will Certainly Love | 61-70

We have a few interesting facts about women’s body. Read on…

61. There are three known erogenous zones in a woman’s body. They are the G-Spot, the Clitoris and the opening of the cervix. However, some argue that there is one more – the Nipples! We support the fourth one.

62. Not every woman can achieve orgasm in the exact same way. There is a reason behind this. The nerve endings in a woman’s genitalia have a different distribution than any other woman. This means that every woman needs a slightly different technique to reach an orgasm.

63. There is no such woman in this world who cannot achieve an orgasm. It is a machinery that is by default programmed into every woman’s body. It is just that some women don’t know how to use that machinery well.

64. Birth control pills are great to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, but they can very well suppress the libido of a woman.

Enough of facts about women’s body. Here are some surprising facts for you:

65. In a study conducted in the UK, it was found that women multitask way better than men. Now I understand why my wife takes over the kitchen tasks from me every time. 😛

66. In the United States, 1 in every 6 woman has become a victim of sexual assault. The country has a rape rate of 27.3 % (that too is grossly underreported), making it 13th country in order of highest rape rates. First position goes to South Africa with a rate of 132.4%. With India ranking at 93rd position in the list, we are pretty darn sure that we are not the rape capital of the world. That’s incorrectly reported by media. Source.

67. On an average, a woman in the UK will have 150 different hairstyles in her lifetime.

68. The only three countries where a woman is more likely to be a boss than a man are: St Lucia, Jamaica and Colombia.

69. In Hollywood movies, the screenwriting profession was dominated by women in the 1920s and the early 1930s.

70. 30% of all businesses in the United States are owned by women.

Be honest! Aren’t you loving these facts about women? Keep reading, there is more that you will love!

Jaw-Dropping Women Facts | 71-80

71. In the United States, breast cancer claims the life of 1 woman every 13 minutes.

72. The award of biggest gender imbalance found in any country in this world goes to United Arab Emirates. For every 100 women, there are 219 men!

73. It has been found that shorter women have shorter pregnancies!

74. The only major city in the United States to be founded by a woman is Miami.

75. Interest in subjects like Math, Engineering, Technology and Science is expressed by 76% of girls in high school. However, when it comes to choosing a college major, only 0.4% of girls go for computer science.

76. If the collective income of all women across the world is counted, they earn 18 trillion USD. However, they collectively spend 28 trillion USD!

77. New Zealand is the country where the wage gap between men and women is the smallest and it stands at only 5%.

78. When it comes to women speaking out online, women are only half likely as men to do so in the developing countries.

79. The concept of women shaving their armpits began as late as 1915.

80. Up to 1/3rd of women worldwide are affected by urinary incontinence.

Astonishing Women Facts that Will Make You Say, Huh? | 81-90

81. When shown a diagram of the female reproductive system, only half of the women surveyed in the UK could actually locate the vagina.

82. 30% of adult women surveyed told that the last time they had sex, they experienced some pain.

83. During the World War II, more than 800,000 women served in the armed forces of Soviet Union.

84. By examining a fingerprint, it can be said whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Did you know that women actually secrete two times the number of amino acids compared to men and that too in a distinct distribution?

85. By year 2025, an additional USD 4.3 trillion could be added to the US economy if gender equality is maintained in workplace.

86. Hysteria in women was treated by the doctors by inducing orgasms in the 19th century. That is how someone came up with the invention of vibrators.

87. In the United States, over 200 women have run for the position of the President.

88. There are many countries in this world where domestic violence is not at all a crime and a staggering 603 million women live in those countries.

89. 80% of the buyers of the book titled ’50 Shades of Grey’ are all women!

90. Men are not the only ones who watch porn! 1 out of every 3 women in the United States watch porn, and that too on a regular basis!

Okay, we have nearly reached the end of this article on women facts. If you have enjoyed reading it so far, we are sure you will love the remaining 10 facts!

Women Facts to Overwhelm You | 91-100

91. 300 pounds of tampon trash! That’s how much an average woman generates in her lifetime.

92. The only country in the world which has been named after a woman is St Lucia.

93. The likelihood of committing suicide is 3 times higher in those women who get breast implants than those who don’t.

94. A French study that was published in the year 2013 actually reported that bras make breasts sag! Come on ladies, why would you do that?

95. After childbirth, a woman’s vaginal muscles can take up to 6 months to get back to their normal size and shape.

96. In 2010, an Islamic cleric blamed that earthquakes happen because of the women who wear provocative dresses. After that statement, an event called Boobquake took place in which 100,000 women joined to test his theory. Nothing happened!

97. The reason why women become too emotionally wobbly during their menstrual cycles is that their hippocampus grows in sync with their estrogen levels. Hippocampus is that part of the brain which is responsible for emotions, memories and moods.

98. The way a mother’s brain works actually changes because of breastfeeding. This is the reason why they are more attuned to a child’s crying.

99. In poor urban communities, women are 50% less likely to access Internet compare to men.

100. The first woman to get an academic degree and also receive a Ph.D. degree was from Padua, Italy. She did so in 1678.

That completes our list of 100 women facts. Did you enjoy the facts? What else do you want us to write on? Do let us know!


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