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10 Interesting Concentration Camp Facts – Lies Exposed!

by Sankalan Baidya
10 Interesting Concentration Camp Facts – Allied Powers Lied!

For a moment, do not think of yourself as a citizen of any country. Think of yourself as a human. What rights do you have? You have right to know the truth. As a tax-payer, you have the right to question the authenticity of what is being told to you. It is your money that goes in war efforts. Your sons and daughters get killed by bullets and bombs. You fall victim of wartime epidemic and starvation. Your home gets bombed. Will you like to memorialize past events in your civic life the way the manipulating authorities want? It is your choice whether you want to be a slave or whether you want to live, thrive and die a free man/woman with absolute right to freedom of speech, knowledge and education! If you don’t want to be a slave and choose to be free, here are 10 interesting concentration camp facts that you should know. You should know that the Allied Powers during WWII lied. You should know that America lied, Russia lied, England lied and Germans were punished for crimes at Nuremberg Tribunal that they never committed.

10 Interesting Concentration Camp Facts – Lies Exposed!

1. Spring 1945 – Central Germany was overrun by British and American troops. With them followed Dr. Charles Larson, who was at that time one of the leading forensic pathologists of America. Dr. Larson was a member of US War Crimes Investigation Team. For days he examined dead bodies in about 20 concentration camps. There were days when in investigated some 200 corpses at Dachau concentration camps. In his findings he says – “never was a case of poison gas uncovered”[a]. Why did the Allied forces lie?

2. Dr. Larson’s findings reported that the inmates died of disease outbreak and everything was to be blamed on typhus despite the fact that Germans tried several things to prevent typhus outbreak like cremating dead bodies, quarantining the sick and systematic delousing[a].

3. In 1945, there was someone else in Germany along with US troops – Dr. John E. Gordon a professor of Harvard University School of Public Health teaching preventive medicine and epidemiology. Dr. Gordon was a holder of M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. 3 years later in 1948, Dr. Gordon reported that in spring 1945 Germany was in complete chaos because of allied bombings. Everything from food supply and distribution to medical supply, from accommodation facilities to sanitation were destroyed and disrupted and these were the reasons for typhus outbreak[b].

4. Dr. Russell Barton, a world-renowned psychiatrist, went to Bergen-Belsen concentration camps with British forces as a young doctor in year 1945. In 1985 in Toronto courtroom under sworn oath, Dr. Barton testified that all deaths in Nazi concentration camps actually happened because of illness and not because Nazis deliberately starved them to death as they were alleged for the Bergen-Belsen camps[c].

5. Dr. Barton further revealed that the stories of starving prisoners to death was everything but true because the kitchens were not only well-equipped but meticulous records of cooked and dispensed food were found[c]

6. Stories that in Buchenwald camps, commandant Koch’s wife Ilse Koch had lampshades made of the skins of prisoners were also false because General Lucius Clay who actually inspected her case found that lampshades were all made of goat skin[d]. General Clay was US Zone of occupied Germany’s military governor. Ilse Koch who was given the name ‘Bitch of Buchenwald’ eventually hanged herself to death in German prison in 1967.

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7. Edward A. Tenenbaum and Egon W. Fleck – two investigators from US Army inspected the Buchenwald camps and found that not the German guards but the organized inmates, especially the Communist trusties were actually responsible for all cruelties in Buchenwald camps[e].

8. As far as gas chambers were concerned, no definitive proof has ever been found that extermination or gassing camps existed in Germany. Simon Wiesenthal – the famous professional Nazi Hunter said in 1975 and 1933 that no such extermination camps ever existed on German soil[f].

9. Ilse Koch’s husband, commandant of Buchenwald camp, Karl-Otto Koch was actually punished by death for mistreating and killing Jew prisoners. Karl Koch was not the only person to be punished by SS for not following the orders of not hurting Jew prisoners. There were other examples as well. Hermann Florstedt – the commandant of Lublin camp for instance, was another Nazi German who was punished by death by Nazi SS[g].

10. At the end of WWII, Allied forces presented the world with images of ‘gas chamber’ No. 2 of Dachau. The already grieving world was stunned. This gas chamber No. 2 was allegedly the site where hundreds and thousands of Jews were gassed to death. Many Nazis were sentenced to death because of that ‘gas chamber’ No. 2 during the Nuremberg Tribunal. As of today, Dachau ‘memorial site’ hands out brochures to tourists that read: “This gas chamber, camouflaged as a shower room, was not used.”[h] Dear Holocaust authorities, can you explain this? You cannot because you lied! Damn those American propaganda movies!

Quite a lot of authorities of Holocaust who accused Nazis for inexplicable horrors and crime against humanity through their alleged death camps now say that those extermination and gassing camps were actually located in what is now Poland. They confess that those areas were under Soviet Red Army’s captivity and that the Red Army deliberately prevented entry of western investigators in those areas. Those authorities today actually evade any open discussion about those Soviet captured camps and the happenings in those camps. This therefore clearly indicates that Nuremberg Trial was based on contemplating fabrication of the truth and the Nazi Germans were actually punished for crimes they never committed.


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Carlia January 31, 2015 - 9:20 am

Karl Koch was not executed for hurting or killing prisoners. He was executed for stealing the property and money of the prisoners. This was in effect stealing property and money from Adolfo Hitler (ie embezzlement). That was why he was tried, found guilty & executed. Try researching & getting your facts correct. I won’t even get into attempting to correct your other “facts.”

Sankalan Baidya January 31, 2015 - 1:16 pm


Thank you for commenting. Karl Koch was executed for two reasons. One was that for giving orders to kill prisoners and the other was that of embezzlement as mentioned by you.

dobbarry October 10, 2015 - 10:34 pm

Are you curry stinking dot head, or an even worse depraved Muslim? Doesn’t matter because you can go shove your holocaust facts.
Fact #10: are you trying to say no one was gassed at Dachau because incorrect information was reported about a facility in 1945?
Fact #6: Yeah, human lampshade story has been debunked, hardly makes Ilsse Koch less evil.
Fact #4: Russell Barton is trash whose lies are parroted by holocaust denial websites.
Fact #1: I’m too lazy to research this one, just guessing Dr Larson was able to view bodies in May 1945 at earliest and its my understanding gassing ended in January, 1945.

I have yet to see an Indian (I have seen and met a lot) with an advanced education in the USA who was not a deranged condescending jerk, that even extends to 2nd generation filth like Bobby Jindal.

Sankalan Baidya October 10, 2015 - 11:55 pm

Apparently, anything that doesn’t feed the American agenda of being a global power and controlling everything (be it oil or natural resources or political hegemony or control of power in every possible form) is bad or even worse! Talk of Iran nuclear crisis, Iraq war, Vietnam war…Well, well, there is too much to speak against US. Anyone who speaks against it is a ‘curry stinking dot head or a Muslim’ in your terms. Look into your own amazingly pathetic past of wars and the underlying agenda first before calling someone a depraved Muslim or a dot head. And yes, your outraged comment surely proves what you are. Makes me smile though! And yes, FYI, I am a Hindu.

WWII, 6 million Jews killed. Well, can you tell me when exactly did the Jews and Jew-owned media didn’t use the 6 million figure? They started using is long before WWII. Take a look at this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paDxxnBDz7M

Media has always been rigged by the powerful to write something that doesn’t go against their interests. History is always written by winners and fools take it for granted and believe every word being said about glorious victory.

And… get yourself educated. You need education badly.

Suzy Field November 18, 2016 - 6:34 pm


jaykar January 2, 2017 - 2:39 pm

long live Germany and Hitler and Nazi. they did every thing to save Jews.
please go through Rothschild Jews who are mighty rich and control every thing including media. and these Jews are responsible for the past. and today also, all the banks are under them. we all humans are slaves to them including USA. if Americans think they are superior to any other nation, they are wrong. And for the facts USA and Britain BOMBED Germany day and night and killed so many people who will punish them? why USA entered in the ww2 please find out. we know.
red army raped German females who will punish them?
France and Britain started ww2 they wanted to become world power they were the rulers of 17 th 18th 19th century. think before you trust the stories

vadermask August 25, 2017 - 4:29 pm

Good researching. I’ve been awake to this holohoax bull shit for a long time now.


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