Yet another Titanosaur, the Aeolosaurus was a massive dinosaur with a unique feature which led scientists to believe that this massive animal was capable of rearing on its hind legs. So, let us waste time no more and find out some interesting information about this gigantic dinosaur through our list of 10 interesting Aeolosaurus facts.

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At a glance

Lived: 75-65 million years ago.

Food: Plants.

Species: A. rionegrinus.


Interesting Aeolosaurus Facts: 1-10

1. Aeolosaurus in Greek means Aeolus lizard. ‘Aeolus’ is a Greek mythological figure which means ‘Keeper of the Winds’.

2. The correct pronunciation for the name is AY-oh-low-SORE-us.

3. The fossil remains of this dinosaur were found in Argentina’s Angostura Colorada Formation which belongs to the Campanian stage of Late Cretaceous.

4. The genus and the species of the dinosaur were described by Argentine paleontologist named Jaime Powell in the year 1987.

5. The Aeolosaurus thrived in the woodlands of what is now South America.

6. The species lived during the Late Cretaceous somewhere between 75 and 65 million years ago.

7. Scientists estimate that this dinosaur species weighed somewhere between 10 and 15 tons and grew up to 50 feet tall.

8. As far as its diet was concerned, it was plant eating dinosaur.

9. Fossil records show the tail vertebrae of the dinosaur to be pointing forward. This is what made the scientists believe that possibly the species was capable of rearing up on its hind legs.

10. Aeolosaurus went extinct during the K/T extinction event.

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