Some dinosaurs were pretty massive. Some of them were actually classified as Titanosaurs. The Aegyptosaurus was one such Titanosaur (other Titanosaur we have written about so far is Adamantisaurus). So, how big was it? Where did it live? Where can you see the fossils of this gigantic dinosaur? Let us find the answer to these question with our list of 10 interesting Aegyptosaurus facts.

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At a glance

Lived: 100-95 million years ago.

Food: Plants.

Species: A. baharijensis.


Interesting Aegyptosaurus Facts: 1-10

1. Aegyptosaurus is a Greek name which literally means Egyptian Lizard.

2. This dinosaur lived during the Middle and Late Cretaceous somewhere between 100 and 95 million years ago.

3. The correct pronunciation for Aegyptosaurus is ay-JIP-toe-SORE-us.

4. All the known fossils of this dinosaur was found in Egypt in year 1932 and was stored at Munich, Germany.

5. During Allied air bombings on Germany towards the end of World War II in 1944, the original fossil specimen was completely destroyed. No other fossil has been found ever since.

6. Scientists could study the fossil for only about 12 years during which they figured out that the Aegyptosaurus was about 50 feet long and weighed about 12 tons.

7. The primary habitat of this dinosaur were the woodlands of Northern Africa but fossil remains were found in Niger, Egypt and in different other locations in Sahara Desert.

8. Aegyptosauruses were quadrupeds and their legs were relatively long.

9. This dinosaur species also featured long tail and long neck and fed on plants.

10. Ernst Stromer – a German paleontologist named this dinosaur in the very same year when the fossil remains were discovered from Egypt.

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