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Saturn has many moons and we have already written about Titan and Aegaeon. We know it is a humble beginning but we will pick up soon. So, here we go… Aegir – yet another moon of Saturn. In this article, we will learn about a few interesting Aegir facts and try to understand this moon in a bit more details. Sounds okay? So, let’s start…

Interesting Aegir Facts: 1-5

1. Aegir was discovered by J. Kleyna, D.C. Jewitt and S. Sheppard on 12th December, 2004.

2. The discovery of the moon took place with the help of one of the telescopes located at Mauna Kea Observatories. The telescope is located on Mount Mauna Kea’s summit. Interestingly, Mauna Kea Observatories is responsible for discovering many other moons of Saturn.

3. Aegir is basically an ocean giant from Norse Mythology. According to Norse Mythology, Aegir is known as stiller of storms and it represents a peaceful sea.

4. NASA says that the albedo of the moon is only 0.04. Albedo simply means how reflective the surface of an object is.

5. The moon maintains a mean distance of 20.7 million kilometers or 12.9 million miles from the host planet.

Interesting Aegir Facts: 6-10

6. Though we give the mean distance between Aegir and Saturn, it is worth saying that Aegir has a very elongated orbit. This means that there is one point when the moon comes very close to Saturn and there is one point where the moon maintains maximum distance from the planted. Such orbit is called eccentric orbit.

7. The time taken by Aegir to orbit Saturn is equivalent to 1,118 days on Earth.

8. Also, the orbit of the moon is retrograde. This means that it moon travels in the direction opposite to the direction in which Saturn rotates.

9. Because the moon has an eccentric and retrograde orbit, it is an irregular moon of Saturn and scientists believe that Saturn captured it using its gravity. Simply put, the moon was not created by accretion of material from dusty disk surrounding the newly formed Saturn.

10. Here are some important data as per NASA:

  • Surface area of Aegir: 113.10 km2.
  • Density of the moon: 2.3 g/cm3.
  • Volume of Aegir: 113 km3.
  • Equatorial Circumference of Aegir: 18.8 km.
  • Equatorial Diameter of the moon: 6 km.
  • Mean orbit velocity of Aegir: 4,781.3 km/h.
  • Eccentricity of orbit of Aegir: 0.2524
  • Orbital inclination of the moon: 167 degrees to that of Saturn’s equator.

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