Last time we wrote about dinosaurs was in September last year. So we decided to pick up where we left. Earlier we read about Achillobator. Today we learn about a close relative of that small carnivore – the Adasaurus. Let us learn 10 interesting Adasaurus facts and find out what they probably looked like and what they fed on.

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At a glance

Lived: 75-65 million years ago.

Food: Meat.

Species: A. mongoliensis.


Interesting Adasaurus Facts: 1-10

1. The name Adasaurus is a combination of Greek and Mongolian. In Mongolian mythology, Ada is an evil spirit. In Greek, sauros means ‘lizard’.

2. This dinosaur was named by Rinchen Barsbold – a Mongolian Paleontologist in 1983.

3. Adasaurus belongs to the group named Dromaeosauridae, which is a group that is closely related to today’s modern birds.

4. Only two specimens of this dinosaur has been found till date and both of them have been found from Gobi Desert’s Nemegt Formation in southern Mongolia.

5. Experts say that the Adasaurus lived between 75-65 million years ago. Which means that they were possibly annihilated during the Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event.

6. Scientists estimate that this dinosaur species was about 1.8 meters long, which is about 5 feet. They also estimate that the species weighed no more than 50-70 pounds.

7. The most distinguished characteristics of Adasaurus were it is tall skull, sickle-shaped claws on its hind feet (only one such claw existed on second toe of each foot).

8. Adasauruses possibly had feathers but scientists are not very sure about that.

9. This dinosaur was carnivore by nature and fed possibly on smaller animals of the late Cretaceous.

10. Scientists say that the unusually elongated skull of the Adasaurus didn’t really mean that they were more intelligent than other raptors.

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