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10 Interesting Adamantisaurs Facts

by Sankalan Baidya

Veggiesaurs! These fellas didn’t really pose any threat to other dinos. All they would do is roam and graze, roam and graze and roam and graze. But, our brilliant scientists did a great job of giving them some dreadful names and Adamantisaurs is one such weird name. Though the name may end up reflecting something different, it actually is a Greek word for ‘Adamantina Lizard’. Let us learn 10 interesting Adamantisaurs facts and find out what this guy was up to.

10 Interesting Adamantisaurs Facts

1. Pronounced as ADD-ah-MANT-ih-SORE-us, the Adamantisaurs was a plant eating dinosaur.

2. The fellow lived somewhere in South American Woodlands.

3. The species thrived some 75-65 million years ago in Late Cretaceous period.

4. Adamantisaurs used to be a pretty big fellow. It went all the way up to 100 feet in length and around 100 tons in weight.

5. The fellow probably had armor but scientists are not very sure of that.

6. Long tail and neck were the two most distinguishing features of Adamantisaurs.

7. Fossils of Adamantisaurs were found long before the breed was described and named.  The fossils were found in scattered condition.

8. Adamantisaurs fossils were discovered some 50 (1959) years before the dinosaur was named back in 2006.

9. This dinosaur belongs to titanosaurian sauropod dinosaur genus.

10. The first descriptions were written by Reinaldo Bertini and Rodrigo Santucci. Both of them are Brazilian paleontologists. The species was named as A. mezzalirai after Brazilian geologist named Sergio Mezzalira.

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