We have learned about a few dinosaurs before. Some of them were truly gigantic and dangerous. But today we are going to learn about a smaller breed. Not much is known about this unique breed but we will do our best to compile a list of 10 interesting Acrotholus facts. Yes, the dino we are going to talk about is known as Acrotholus. So, let us begin.

At a Glance
Lived: 85 million years ago.
Food: Plants
Species: Acrotholus audeti

Acrotholus Facts: 1-5

1. Pronounced as ACK-roe-THO-luss, the Acrotholus is actually a Greek name which means “High Dome”.

2. The Acrotholus was a small dino growing only up to 6 feet in length and weighing just 75 pounds.

3. This dinosaur lived during the Late Cretaceous period, which was around 85 million years ago.

4. As far as diet of this dinosaur is concerned, it was a harmless veggisaur (we just mean that it was an herbivore dinosaur).

5. Acrotholus used to live in Alberta, Canada.

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Acrotholus Facts: 6-10

6. Acrotholus had an unusually thick skull, which was also pretty rounded in shape. This is exactly why they are so called (High Dome). The skull was actually made of solid bone of about 2 inches thickness. Their skulls are resistant to destruction.

7. It is currently the earliest known bone-headed dinosaur that has been discovered in North America. The previous one that was found has been predated by Acrotholus by around 5 million years.

8. Experts believe that the Acrotholus breed used their dome skull for head-butting contests.

9. Acrotholus was bi-pedal, i.e. they used to walk and run on two hind legs. The forelimbs were very small and were probably useless.

10. Scientists say that Acrotholus is one of the earliest known dinosaurs of its class and despite that fact, they had unusually well-developed skull for the geological era they lived in. It is because of this, Acrotholus is capable of providing a wealth of information regarding the evolution and development of the bone-headed dinosaurs.

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