10 Interesting Acharya Kapil Facts

by Sankalan Baidya
10 Interesting Acharya Kapil Facts

We have been told again and again that Indian culture developed its knowledge from the West and that the West came with everything advanced we know today. That was a lie born out of the need of Europeans to hold themselves as world’s most superior race. They knew that Indian culture was the most advanced culture and the only way they could destroy that was by establishing racial supremacy and stealing the advanced knowledge of science and technology from India and claim as their own.

All the lies are now getting exposed over time as more and more learned people are studying the ancient Indian culture in depth. We previously did a few articles that you might like. Here is the list:

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Today we will learn 10 interesting Acharya Kapil facts and find out about his contributions to science and knowledge in ancient India when the West hunted using stones. So, let us waste time no further and find out some amazing facts about this great ancient Indian sage.

Interesting Acharya Kapil Facts: 1-10

1. It is widely accepted that Acharya Kapil was born c. 3000 BCE.

2. His father was Sage Kardam and his mother was Devhuti. Sage Kardam was also very illustrated and well-known for his knowledge and wisdom.

3. Acharya Kapil was the founder of what is known as Sankhya School of Thoughts. He is also known as the Father of Cosmology.

4. He did some interesting work, rather some pioneering work, which allowed us to develop an understanding of Purusha or ultimate soul, Prakruti or primal matter and creation.

5. He was the first person to come up with the concept of energy transformation.

6. Acharya Kapil also made some profound commentaries on subtle elements of cosmos, atma as well as non-atma.

7. He asserted that Prakruti or primal matter with inspiration of ultimate soul or the Purusha, leads to the creation of everything in cosmos along with all the energies that we know of.

8. According to Acharya Kapil’s Sankhya School of Thoughts, Prakruti or Nature is one entity and Purusha-s is another entity where Prakruti is singular and Purusha-s or persons are many.

9. Acharya Kapil held the view that Prakruti is made up of three qualities – Sattva or essence, Rajas or dust and Tamas or darkness.

10. As per Acharya Kapil, when Prakruti and Purusha fuse together in some permutation and combination of the various qualities or gunas of nature, what we get is called Jiva or a living being. This made Sankhya School completely aesthetic as it ignored the final cause of God.

These 10 Acharya Kapil facts don’t really cover the whole concept or philosophy of Sankhya School of Thoughts, which is pretty complex and was one of 6 orthodox Indian Philosophical schools of ancient times. However, because of his revelation about creation’s secrets, Acharya Kapil became known as Father of Cosmology.

If you have liked this article and want to know a simple explanation of the Sankhya Philosophy, drop us a message. We will try to do an article on the same.

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Thank you for the post (Acharya Kapil). Would love to learn more about him and his philosophies. Any authenic book recommendations on him?
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